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Actos Lawsuit Settlement
Actos is a drug that has been promoted over the years as being very effective in treating diabetes
and its symptoms. Touted as a better alternative to other drugs in the marketed, the
manufacturers have seen the drug rake in billions in revenues. Unfortunately, this is usually at
the expense of patients all over the world who trust the drug to make them better. The side
effects of Actos Lawsuit Settlement are many and varied from mild ones to severe ones. Recent
studies however link this drug to increased risks of bladder cancer, a condition which is not only
traumatizing but also life threatening.
The studies and other information relied on do not support conclusion that Actos was a specific
cause of plaintiff's bladder cancer. Since the expert's specific causation opinion is based on
assumptions of fact without sufficient evidentiary support, as well as on speculative or
conjectural factors, that opinion has no evidentiary value."
Having a drug that poses a risk to both your life and your health is both morally and legally
wrong. It is therefore possible to seek compensation through a court of law. One can receive
compensation for any injury or loss occasioned by such a drug. An Actos Lawyer is your best
option for seeing this done. Contact us now to have your rights enforced. Recently, the first
Actos bladder cancer trial was held in a Los Angeles Court. In Cooper v. Takeda
Pharmaceuticals America, Inc., the jury decided in favor of the plaintiff who was awarded $6.5
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