Graphing Linear Equations

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Graphing Linear Equations
Graphing Linear Equations is one of the most important concepts of algebra and proper understanding is
necessary to be good with it. Get help from an algebra tutor online and learn about graphing linear equations,
understand all the basic and advance concepts of equations and achieve quality help here. Below is an
example of graphing linear equations with one variable for a better understanding:
Example : ax + b = 0 is a linear equation in one variable.
To represent a graph of linear equation in one variable ,
Consider the equation 2x + 4 = 0
2x = -4
x = -2
Since this equation is independent of y, for all values of y, x = -2
Hence x = -2 is a line parallel to the y-axis at x = -2.

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How to Graph Linear Equations
How to graph linear equations Of y = mx + c
Step1: Choose the convenient values of x and find the
corresponding values of y
Step 2: Prepare a table for different pairs of values of x
and y
Step 3: Draw the axes on a graph paper and chose a
suitable sale.
Step 4: Plot the ordered pairsfro the above table on
the graph paper
Step 5: Join these points by a straight line This straight
line is the graph of y = mx + c
Remark : In the equation y = mx + c, we say that
(i) m is the slope of the line
(ii) c is the y=intercept of the lin
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Graphing Linear Equations with Two Variables
Question : Plot the graph of 4x+y=4
Suggested Answer :
Put y = -4,
Put y = 8,
Put y = -8,

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