Great wall Trekking- a few tips for safety and enjoyment

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Great wall Trekking- a few tips for safety
and enjoyment
The Great Wall of China is one of the prime signature attractions of the country and it pulls
millions of tourists every year to enjoy this Great Wall from its closest proximity. Different
zones of the Great Wall are called bit and some of these bits are quite difficult to climb.
Enthusiasts arrange trekking g for climbing these places.
Although it sounds enticing and exotic about Great Wall Trekking, in reality it is not that easy. In
trekking, reflex, and guidance are always considered as the best resources for achieving success
in these adventures. A few safety tips are mentioned here that will keep your Great wall trekking
tour safe and best enjoyable.

Before taking final decision to climb the Great Wall it is wise to do a thorough check up for
heath. Patients of hypertension, asthma, acrophobia, diabetes should understand their health
limitations. They are not compatible to perform under tight deadline and strenuous physical
activities. It is necessary to avail an accidental insurance policy before going for a Great Wall
Trekking trip. In case of emergency, it will keep your wallet protected. You must carry your
insurance papers along with you safely.
It is extremely important that you wear comfortable and quality footwear so that you can walk
safely on the wall. In addition to it you should carry hat, sunglass, and sunscreen lotions to keep
your skin protected from sun exposure. It is important to carry cool water with you, however, it
is vital too to have king-size breakfast before starting toward the destination. It is equally
important to drink adequate water to keep yourself protected from dehydration caused by sun
exposure; no matter you are trekking in spring or in winter.

Follow these simple tips while Great wall Trekking and stay safe from health hazard and other
predictable problems.
Stay safe, enjoy trekking at Great wall of China!
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