Great Wall Trekking Tours China: Historic Huangyaguan Section

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Great Wall Trekking Tours China: Historic Huangyaguan Section
It is rightly said that Great Wall has something for all its fans. Constructed before 2000 years,
the Wall is considered as one of the signature tourist attractions in China and a paradise for
enthusiasts who love hiking and trekking in the hilly terrain of the wall area. It is quite
challenging for even the hardiest person to trek all over the wall because it's so big!
Perhaps this is the reason Great Wall Trekking Tours China are designed in diverse ways to
satisfy different creeds of the travelers. However those are enthusiasts and want to enjoy
ecstasy of climbing the Great wall to feel the hang of its wild beauty can visit the historic
Huangyaguansection of the wall. The journey takes about 3 hour time to complete the
The Huangyaguan part of Great Wall is the longest restored part of the China Wall at the
length of 3052 meters. The Huangyaguan Great Wall is located at 28 kilometres north of
JiCounty. This unit of the Great Wall has two prime sections, one is Huangyaguanand the
other is Taipingzhai.
The Great Wall at Huangyaguan was first constructed in the North Qi Dynasty (550-577)
over 1,500 years before, and was reinstatedduring the realm of the Ming Dynasty (1368-
1644). Trekkers will be able to see numerous watch towers in this section of Great Wall, built
in different shapes. There are not many tourists in this area, as it is a remote and seldom
visited location.

The Great Wall at Huangyaguanis one of the world's most difficult trekking courses with
exhausting climbs, sharp descents, and more than 3,700 steps. Trekkers will only hike this
section for sure. The excitement and thrill has made the Huangyaguantrekking is one of the
most popular module of Great Wall Trekking Tours China.
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