Great Ways to Make Your Simple T-shirts Add to Your Stylish Look

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Great Ways to Make Your Simple T-shirts
Add to Your Stylish Look

If you are of the opinion that having plain t-shirts are not that worthy of your money, you will
surely have to rethink on it. Whether you have some in your closet or are refraining from
buying some; believe it or not, a plain t-shirt has a unique power to add to your style. It is a fact
that a simple plain t-shirt is among the classic items to be found in your cupboard along with
basic clothing piece that you can wear on different occasions. You can choose to wear it
casually or complement it with dazzling accessories in such a way that suits your personality. To
make such a t-shirt your anytime choice, here are some ways to dress it up!
Dress Up with a Stole

Just imagine yourself in a plain t-shirt, leggings, and a stole whose color is in contrast with the
color of the t-shirt. Don't you find yourself in a great look? You can also choose a stole whose
color is same as that of the leggings or pant. This is irrespective of the type of t-shirt you wear,
such as v-neck or round neck. It goes without saying that you are going to look really stunning
and sleek with such a getup.
Blaze with a Blazer

This is an option for those who love to have a smooth and refined look. If you fall in this
category, all you have to do is dress up your shirt and blazer with some heavy but cool
accessories. For best look in style, a cheerful t-shirt with a v-neck or round neck is simply a great
pick that can go with a complementing blazer. For instance, you can choose to wear a white
shirt with a navy blue blazer and a cute necklace to gain that desired trendy or sleek look. You
can even cuff the blazer's arm for adding an additional polished look. The necklace can also go
well with dark washed jeans. Trials with different textures and colors can help you to find the
right mix and match.
Cool with Cardigan

This is a great alternative to stole. You can wear a cool and cozy cardigan on your plain t-shirt,
which is among the most desired casual outfits; especially during the season of fall. As a tip, go
for a long, comfortable, and thick cardigan that covers even your butt region and goes well
along with the knee-length boots as well as skinny jeans. Just ensure that the color of cardigan
is neutral so that it can match well other color mixes, especially if you are wearing a necklace.
You can even consider wearing colorful leg warmers before wearing those long boots so that
you can add a unique touch to your apparel.

So, there are several ideas for you to spice up the boring, plain, and simple t-shirts. It is just a
matter of applying your creativity to make the most out of your t-shirt!

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