Green Living 101: What You Can Do To Help The Environment

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The Different Ways
To Live A
Greener Life

What You Can Do To Help The
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Green living has become a buzzword in recent years, and for
many people a way of life. In many instances, eco-friendly
practices can even provide us with great financial benefits.
Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how we can live
"greener," and below are some of them.

Waste Recycling
About 67% of all household waste can be recycled. Recycling
not only reduces the amount of waste going to the landfill, it
also saves energy since it reduces the production of new
materials. Just to give you an idea of how much energy
recycling can save: recycling just one aluminum can saves
enough energy to power a television set for 3 straight hours.
There are plenty of items you can recycle, from paper, glass,
metals, and plastic. Familiarize yourself with your city's
recycling programs or find waste recycling facilities near you.

Oil recycling

Unknown to a lot of people, oil recycling
is not only possible - it is already being
done in several countries around the
world. Biodiesel fuel can be
manufactured from raw vegetable oil or
used cooking oil obtained from
restaurants. These oils are then mixed
with methanol and ethanol to produce esters which can be
used on your car's engine. Biodiesel is a greener alternative to
petrodiesel because it does not emit as much pollutants to the
environment and is renewable being that it comes usually from
soy and corn which are abundant worldwide. At the same time,
because it has better lubricity than petrodiesel, it does a better
job at preventing premature wear on the engine's mechanical
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parts. Most commercial biodiesel blends available these days
can be used on cars with diesel engines with no need for
modification. If you want to know more about oil recycling and
how it is done, check out biodiesel fuel by clicking here.

Generate energy
Producing your own
power in your house
by setting up solar
panels can give you
significant cost-
savings over the long
haul and not to mention, lessen your consumption of energy
generated from fossil fuels. When you generate more power
than is needed, many states allow net metering wherein the
extra energy is returned to the electric grid for credits.
Additional incentives from state and local level are also
available to encourage homeowners to use this kind of green
energy. With the increasing demand for photovoltaic systems,
together with strong government support, the otherwise hefty
capital cost of installing these at home is lessened.

Grow your own vegetables and fruits
Having a small garden allows you to have a regular supply of
fruits and vegetables. At the same time, gardening will offer you
great cost savings and a chance to increase your physical
activity as well. To have a wholesome supply of healthy,
seasonal produce, make a compost heap with your kitchen and
garden refuse and add this to your garden soil as fertilizer.
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