Hair Loss Treatment - Honest And Unbiased Review

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Hair Loss Treatment - Honest And
Unbiased Review
Hair loss occurs in men, women and children due to a variety of reasons
such as temporary medical disorders, hormonal changes, advancing age,
improper diet and unhealthy lifestyles. In some cases the body regains
balance and hair resumes normal growth and there is less of hair loss.
However, no sooner people see strands of hair in their comb they go out
and buy hair loss treatments. You can buy any number of herbal ayurvedic
hair loss treatments in the form of oils that promise to stop hair loss and
grow back hair that is stronger, glossier and blacker than before. It must be
said ayurveda has a remedy for virtually any disorder of the body and in the
case of hair loss treatment there are specific herbs that remedy this
condition. The efficacy of such hair oils depend on the choice of herbs and
the actual content of vital compounds of these herbs.
According to Ayurved Research Foundation, the best
herbs specified in ayurveda for hair care are Bhringraj,
Amla, Shikakai, Henna, Neem and Kalonji. These
herbs, they say are combined in the right proportions
and in the correct strength in their Hylix hair loss
treatment. Almond oil, tulsi, lemons, brahmi and
shankhpushpi are also said to be good for hair care.
However, Hylix uses only the herbs mentioned above
and not the others and with good reason. It is primarily
treatment for hair loss and not hair tonic. The main
purpose is to arrest loss of hair at the root. Hylix, they
say achieves this admirably with the perfect
combination of selected herbs prepared according to
ancient ayurvedic texts. The manufacturers claim it shows positive effects
in two to three months of use. However, is it true or is it a tall, well oiled
To test the efficacy of Hylix five people were chosen: three women and two
men. Women ranged in age from 22 to 45 and of the two men, one was

aged around 24 and another about 47. They were complaining of
increasing hair fall to their doctor and on our recommendation, the
trichologist gave them Hylix bottles sufficient to last for 3 months. These
people were asked to massage the oil, slightly warmed, well into their
scalp, rubbing with the fingertips, each night before they went to bed and to
wash the next day. They were asked to practice this for three months and
combine treatment with satvik food while avoiding hot, spicy, sour and fried
After three months the trichologists examined them and asked them for
their honest opinion. The three women said that when they combed hair 3
months after use, they could see only one strand or two of loose hair in
their combs. Of the two men, the younger reported positively, while the
man aged 47 did not notice any improvement. He was asked to undergo an
endocrine test. In any case four out of five is not such a bad score. Hylix
lotion works well in almost all cases except those with deep underlying
medical conditions that need to be treated first. It is worth using since it
also keeps hair glossy and black.
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