Happy Chinese New Year

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Happy Chinese New Year
2013 is the Chinese year of the Water Snake. Ready for a big year? Here's 3 things about snake years you may
not have known that wil add to your year...
1. Snake years are wisdom years.
Al cultures around the world have seen the snake as the one animal that brings heaven, hel and earth together
as it lives in al three worlds (under ground, on the ground, up in the trees). It creates the symbol `S',
representing Sinful to Sensual to Spiritual. In Chinese mythology, the snake is the legless dragon, bringing the
heavens down to earth. In 2013, get ready to stretch yourself with the best of times and the worst of times. As
with the snake, our role is not as the protagonist or antagonist, but the wise witness.
2. Snakes years are renewal years.
From the Garden of Eden to the Aztec's Quetzalcoatl, from the myths of Medusa to Cleopatra, in every culture
the snake has been there at the beginning and the end of life. The symbol of the Ouroboros (the snake forming a
circle and eating itself) can be found in al ancient cultures as a symbol for the eternal cycle of life - in Ancient
China, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece. In 2013, just as a snake sheds its skin, it is a year of rebirth and renewal.
What will you let go of? "Al things began in order so shal they end, so shal they begin again"
3. Snake years are money years.
In the Chinese Zodiac, snakes are financial y fortunate. `S' easily becomes `$' with the snake. But unlike 2012's
Dragon, which attracts through majestic spectacle, the Snake is far more down-to-earth. That means success
will come through more intimate, personal relationships and 1-to-1s, not through shouting to the crowd. Snakes
can move quickly, but choose to move slowly. In 2013, in what part of your business wil you slow down, and
heighten your senses and sensitivity?
For al its symbolism, snakes remain one of the animals that humans fear most. The last few years have seen an
increasing culture of fear that we are living in. Ultimately, 2013 is an opportunity for us to face our fears. It's a
chance for us to embrace life and al that comes with it. Let go, Live ful y, Love completely.
Wishing you a magical, prosperous 2013.
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