Hatteras Fishing

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The Hatteras Blue is a 48'
Carolina Sport Fisherman with a
17' wide beam. The vessel is fully
equipped with all fishing gear
needed to have the best possible
day of Gulf Stream fishing. Items
that customers bring would be
your own food and drink, plenty
of sun screen, and maybe a towel.
Please don't hesitate to bring
anything, we have plenty of room.

Hatteras Island extends 60 miles into
the Atlantic Ocean with the Gulf
Stream and the Labrador currents
constantly shaping and reshaping
the barrier island. The interaction
between these two gigantic "rivers"
of water has formed the Diamond
Shoals and the Graveyard of the
Atlantic. They have also created one
of the most varied and abundant
game fishing areas in the world. Blue
and white marlin, sailfish, giant
bluefin, yellowfin and blackfin tuna,
mahi mahi (dolphin fish), wahoo,
king mackerel, cobia, striped bass
(rockfish) and many more species
inhabit these waters.

Owner and captain of
the Hatteras Blue, Mike
moved to the Outer
1970's. Currently he
has fished over 30
consecutive years in
Hatteras. Captain Mike
and crew guarantees
that we will work our
hardest to make your
day of fishing a day to

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