Have You White Card Inducted

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Have Your White Card Inducted
As you work in a construction site there is a great risk for injuries
and other accident, though there is a high probability for this there
is still a chance to prevent it.
There is always danger in losing a life when doing hazardous
activities. In construction companies the workers are faced with high
level of risk. Regardless of operating heavy machinery or asbestos
removal there is still a great deal of danger that might happen.
With the mentioned possibilities it is needed for each individual
working in a construction company to be equipped with Induction
Training courses that will facilitate in recognizing the risks and the
proper process of responding to such incidents. There is also the OHS
Induction Course that is a series of modules that is instructed online
or in person. The course consists of safe work practices, recognition
of common hazards in construction and the management risk principles.
Also, the trainees will be informed of their rights and the existing
laws that will cover them.
The Induction Training is open to everyone who is interested in
working or already working in a construction firm. This is a training
that should be taken by all employees in a construction site should
have training and accepts a certification of completion of training
before starting to work in the construction field. The business
proprietors of construction sites are not exempted they are also
required to have their own their White Card WA before they go on with
their business. Only the visitors of the construction site are
exempted from the White Cards.
How do employers know who has completed the course?
This is where the White Cards come into picture.
Everyone working at a construction site should have taken Occupational
health and Safety (OHS) course and having a White Card verifies this
completion. It is given to every individual who has completed the
induction training, submitted the needed requirements as mandated by
the Australian law. As soon as the training is completed the
individual will submit their Statement of Attainment certificate and
their Statutory Declaration form and a copy of their photo.
Before there is the Red, Blue and Green cards and the colors depend on
which state your card has been issued. Since procedures are now

standardized the other colored cards are now replaced by the White
Card which can be used at any state in Australia. It means that if you
reside in Victoria and you are interested to work at Queensland or
vice versa then with your White Card you can conveniently present it
as proof that you are a certified construction worker anywhere in
Australia click here to know more.
There is no expiration date with your White Card. Though you are
required to have the course 'Work Safety Construction Industry' if you
have stopped working for more than two years. This guarantees that the
work safety details are still instilled in your mind.
If you have received your White Card then it is important to bring it
with you at all times especially when you are working at a
construction site. If you don't have your White Card then you will not
be allowed to stay at the construction area to avoid any mishap that
will happen if you stay.