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What are the different things you can do with your hot tub, other than just sitting
there? Pretty sure there are other more interesting activity ideas to do in hot tubs to make
bathing more fun and enjoyable. Well, it truth, there are numerous things you can do to
have a little bit more fun in your hot tubs, all you need is a little bit of creativity and

If you have a family with children and all, the hot tub is a hotspot for the kids. I’m
sure you’ve always heard the kids whine about going into the tub and bathing. But of-
course children will always be children and play will always be present. Well, you could
still make bathing in the hot tubs fun for kids instead of boring them with sitting still in
hot tubs and just “relaxing”. As we all know, children find it very difficult to “relax”. As
much as you would want to share the hot tub with them and enjoy some quality time, you
cannot allow any horseplay and if you don’t, you might just make your kids dislike being
in the ho tub because they have to be still.

What you can do to maintain order in the hot tub and at the same time let your
kids enjoy and have fun is to play laidback games and bring in water-safe toys. You can
play trivia games and ask questions for them to answer. Toys which are not small enough
to sink and get clogged in the drains can be in the hot tub. Toys that float are more
preferable so as they do not sink to the bottom wherein the child would be obliged to go
underwater and retrieve it. As much as possible, never allow kids to get their heads
underwater as their hair might get caught in the drain and never leave them without adult
supervision in hot tubs.

Another great idea to enjoy the hot tub with kids is to bring in bubble bath mixes.
Everybody loves bubble baths, especially children. This will make things extra special.
But of-course you cannot use bubble baths every time or you would have to drain your
hot tubs after every use which is a waste of water. Also, keep the bathing time at the
maximum of 10 minutes for little kids and no more than 5 minutes for babies.

Hot tubs are great for relaxing with everyone but you could also use it for a bit of
fun, like celebrating your kids’ birthday party or playdate in your hot tub. Hot tubs can
duplicate swimming pools for children. On a warm and sunny day, you could have a mini
pool party for your child using your hot tub. Just fill the tub with water, do not let the jets
run or warm up. This will be like a mini-pool for the children to be in. Throw-in some
pirate costumes and pirate boats for a pirate-themed party or starfishes and bubble baths
for mermaid-themed parties. The ideas are extensive; all you need is some imagination!

Indeed, hot tubs are very versatile appliances to have at home and it is a very
special thing for kids. Just remember to always have an adult to watch over the kids as
they bathe in the tubs and never leave them unattended. If the hot tub is running on jets,
keep the bathing time under 10 minutes.