HCG Hormone- A Combination of Health and Good Figure

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HCG Hormone- A Combination of Health and Good Figure
HCG diet is a perfect weight loss solution for al those who have tried multiple remedies in the past but
failed to find success.
HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, the hormone that is found in the placenta during
pregnancy. It takes care of embryo, and regulation of other hormones in pregnant women. The hormones
are very active during pregnancy, and nourishes placenta. This hormone uses the excessive fat of the
body to nourish mother and child. The presence of HCG is felt during the 11 days of conception. It can
be realized in the urine and the blood test of the patients. HCG reaches to its height within 8-11 weeks.
To add, gradual y as the fetus matures the level HCG decreases to its normal production.
If you happen to note down the sudden increment in HCG level in body, one is advised to jot down the
certain precautions
In the case of normal pregnancy, the HCG level replicates in the time span of 48-72 hrs. As the
pregnancy reaches to the level of maturation, you may see the fluctuation with gradual passage
of time.
During the medical examination has been analyzed that our body should not produce excessive
HCG. It can harm the growth of fetus, and it is expected that a control production of HCG can
help in delivering a healthier baby.
When it comes to the medical examination, if the patient is examined with HCG level lower than
5Miu/ml then she is not expecting a baby. Alternatively, if the level hits to the level of 25Miu/ml,
then you may be going to be a mother soon.
One thing that you need to ponder upon is that, if there is might be fluctuation in the HCG level
from person to person, therefore the date should be confirmed on the basis of HCG level in the
However, HCG has been designed with new technology. The technology is used to reduce the obesity.
People are able to shed the weight at the faster pace without any side effects. Moreover it is available in
the form of HCG diet and drop, and do not have any evil impact on health. This is the best part of these
diets and drops.