HDMI splitter, HDMI Switch

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An HDMI switch appears sophisticated to
most, but it is actually a simple gadget. The
switch is designed to allow users to select
from several high-definition multimedia
sources including game systems, DVRs,
DVD, camcorders and other similar
equipment to a single monitor. HDMI is short
for high-definition multimedia interface. The
most popular connectors have 3x1 switch
which means three inputs, one output. But
you can find 5x1 models which enables
users to incorporate a maximum of five
various multimedia devices.

The connections for high-definition
multimedia units are capable of
handling a number of data sources. They
can offer the best resolution for a video
picture and offer up to an entire range
of eight audio origins. For this reason, a
huge population of consumers opt to
utilize this connector in almost all high-
definition TV.

In a number of high-definition video sources
such as Blu-Ray Disc T players can offer
both video and audio signals with just a
single high-definition multimedia cable. The
HDMI switch allows sources to stream videos
or play music without needing to connect
each of them directly to the television. This
definitely helps make watching or listening
to various system very convenient.

It would be highly stressful if every time
you need to watch a video or listen to
music, you need to detach the
connection and plug another source like
a gaming system or DVD. Using the
switches permit you to be able to use all
of these sources simultaneously. All you
need to do is choose which system or
source you want to play.

A good choice for an HDMI connector is
one that is expandable. A connector
with 5x1 switches would be considered
more expandable compared to a 2x1,
for instance. It is also desirable to get a
connector with High Bandwidth Digital
Content (HBDCP) capabilities.

Backward compatibility is another
consideration to look into when looking for
a connector. This enables the user to use
the system as they please. Backward
compatibility simply means that the user
can select the right cable to utilize such as
a high-definition multimedia interface or
DVI. The cable is able to power the
Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)
function. EDID helps communicate the
ability of the monitor to stream videos to the

The HDMI splitter enables the user to plug
all videos or audio sources that are
suitable for the receiver. The receiver
then makes use of its built-in high-
definition multimedia interface
connections so the source will play on
the TV. It is similar to playing the cable
directly to the television.