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Hemorrhoids / Hemroids – The Complete Guide to Hemorrhoids Treatment
Definition of Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids which are commonly spelled hemroids are also reffered to as piles. Hemorrhoids or
hemroids are swollen veins or blood vessels primarily in and around the anus. This ailment is painful but
it is not very serious if you know the proper hemorrhoids treatment. In hemorrhoids, veins swell inside
the anal canal to form internal hemorrhoids or swell near the opening of the anus to form external
hemorrhoids. An individual can have both internal as well as the external hemroids at the same time.
Causes of Hemorrhoids
The main cause of hemroids is the application of too much pressure on the veins of pelvic and rectal
region. In the normal situation, the tissue present in the anus fills with blood to effectively assist in the
control of bowel movement. In case the individual strains to pass stool then the increased pressure will
greatly cause veins in the tissue to swell and stretch and thus eventually leads to hemorrhoids. Whether
it is constipation or diarrhea, it is bound to lead to strain that will eventually cause an increased pressure
on the veins present in the anal canal. The chances of pregnant women getting hemorrhoids are quite
high especially during the last 6 months of the pregnancy. This is mainly due to the increase of pressure
on the blood vessels in pelvic region. And the strain that is given to push the baby out during the labor
will invariably worsen the hemorrhoids. And last but not least one of the highest cause of hemorrhoids
is gaining weight.
Symptoms of Hemroids
The most common symptom related to both internal as well as the external hemorrhoids is the bleeding
that takes place during a bowel movement. The individual may also see the streak of blood after he or
she strains to have a bowel movement. Moreover, there are symptoms of itching and rectal pain mainly
while cleaning the anal area after relieving oneself.
However, the different symptoms that are related to both external and internal hemorrhoids are as
follows. For internal hemorrhoids a bright red streak of blood on toilet paper or in the toilet bowl after a
normal bowel movement is the direct symptom of internal hemroids. Internal hemorrhoids are small,
swollen veins found inside the anal canal wall. But they can often become larger and become sagging
veins bulging out of the anus. They are painful most painful when the hemorrhoid is squeezed by anal
muscles. They also become more painful if blood flow to the hemroids is cut off. If hemorrhoids bulge
out of the anus then there is usually a visible sign of mucus on toilet paper or stool.
On the other hand external hemorrhoids or external hemroids can bleed from the outer anal region.
There are blood pools that are formed within the viens that cause a hard painful lump that can be seen
around the opening of the anus. This type of hemorrhoid is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid or a clotted

Diagnosis of Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are diagnosed primarily by doctors after asking the patient his past health history and
conducting a complete physical examination. If the individual is less than 50 years then the doctor will
essentially check if the rectal bleeding is caused by hemroids. The doctor will examine patients’ rectum
with a gloved finger or may use a short, lighted telescope to look inside the rectum and check for
internal hemorrhoids.
Effective Home Hemorrhoids Treatment
Most people can easily treat or prevent hemorrhoids with the use of an over the counter hemorrhoids
treatment. There are several on the market that are strong and proven to eliminate hemorrhoids, such
as HemClear. You can research online to find more information.
To help with hemorrhoids prevention it is recommended to establish few good health habits. Fist of all it
is important to keep the area clean. You can do this by blotting the anus with white toilet paper that is
basically moistened with water or use baby wipes or tucks which are the pre-moistened towels. Soaps
containing perfume or dye should not be used as a hemorrhoids treatment. If the hemroids are painful,
then you can take an aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve pain and the swelling. In addition iced can be
applied for 10 minutes followed by warm compressing for 10 minutes. You can even take bed rest to
reduce the pressure on inflamed veins and stay away from straining the area too much. Moreover,
sitting or standing for long time is to be avoided. Lifting heavy objects should also be avoided. You
should wear cotton underwear’s and loose clothing to reduce the pressure on anal area.
Surgical and Fixative Hemorrhoids Treatment
Hemorrhoids treatment can be simply carried out by the change of diet as well as bowel habits. Most
cases of hemroids do not need surgery or other types of severe hemorrhoids treatment unless the
hemroids are too large and painful to endure. One form of hemorrhoids treatment is known as a fixative
procedure. In a fixative procedure of hemorrhoids treatment the supply of blood flow is invariably
reduced to the hemorrhoids, so that they shrink and eventually go away. The scar tissue which is left in
place will however help to support the anal tissue and eliminate the further development of the
Fixative procedure can be an effective process for hemorrhoids treatment and is normally carried out in
several ways. Either hemroids are simply tied with rubber band ligation or hemorrhoids are treated with
therapy of coagulation, which means that the hemorrhoids are eliminated with the utilization of heat,
laser or even an electric current. However, it is noteworthy to be mentioned that this is an effective
hemorrhoids treatment for external hemorrhoids. Often times a doctor might suggest the patient have
both a surgical and fixative approach as an effective hemorrhoids treatment.

Fixative procedure for hemorrhoids treatment is applicable especially where hemroids are small and
stick to the anus during a bowel. The fixative procedure for hemorrhoids treatment is highly preferred
over surgery for the older patients aged above 70 and those patients who possess poor health.
Nevertheless, surgical hemorrhoids treatment is an option to provide long term results as compared to
fixative. But many patients prefer fixative over the surgical hemorrhoids treatment because they find
surgery more expensive, taking more time to recover.
Essential Do’s to keep Hemorrhoids Away
A diet lacking in fiber, fruit and vegetable is one of the highest cause of hemroids especially if there is
insufficient water intake along with it. The minimum intake of 8 glasses of water is essential to make
digestive system, and particularly the colon or large intestine work well. It will help in the final
processing of waste material and invariably makes it ready to be dispatched as stool which is not hard or
dry that will lead to higher risks of developing hemorrhoids. In addition an individual diagnosed with
hemorrhoids should avoid eating fatty and junk foods. You should avoid drinking alcohol and instead
drink lots of water and fruit juices. You should eat more of fibrous foods the combination of cereals,
vegetables, fruits and beans. In summary, you should follow a balanced and nutritious diet high in fiber
and lots and lots of liquids.
HemClear: The Most Effective Hemorrhoids Treatment
HemClear the all-natural herbal product of http://www.hemclear.com is the quickest and most effective
hemorrhoids cure. It is composed of hand-picked ingredients that are 100% natural and known for
centuries to cure hemorrhoids. HemClear is also the top treatment for not only internal and external
hemorrhoids, but also bleeding and thrombosed hemorrhoids. These enriched capsules should be taken
three times daily with meals until the hemroids are cured. HemClear will effectively go through the
blood stream to reach the veins causing hemorrhoids and efficiently remove the hemorrhoids from their
The main ingredients of this essential herbal therapy are witch hazel leaf which is a natural
inflammatory, horse chestnut leaf used worldwide for different vein related problems, ginger roots
which helps with blood circulation, blonde psyllium to soften stools and ease the bowel movement,
hesperidin which strengthens veins, diosmin used to halt secondary hemorrhoids bleeding, butchers
broom to strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls, cayenne to increases blood flow, oat straw which
soothes digestive issues related to constipation, billberry used to help rebuild healthy connective tissue
and plaintain to soothe mucous membranes and heals the wound instantly. HemClear has compiled the
perfect list of ingredients to eliminate hemorrhoids safely and quickly.

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