Hemostats Market: Asia Pacific is one of the major regions with high demand for Hemostats Market during 2016-2021

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Global Hemostats Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type
and Application, Forecast to 2021
Published on 1 August, 2016 | Number of pages : 125
Single User Price: $3480
The research methodology used to estimate and forecast Hemostats Market begins with
capturing data on key vendor revenue through the secondary research.
Summary of the Report:
Hemostats are agents used to compress or treat bleeding vessels in order to arrest
hemorrhage. These products may reduce operating room time and decrease the
number of blood transfusions required in surgical procedures. Hemostatic gents are
available in various forms including pads, sponges, liquids, and powders.
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Topics Covered in this report :
Scope and Regional Forecast of the Hemostats Market:
The ideal agent should be:
Able to stop hemorrhage from large arteries and veins within two minutes of
Capable of effective application through pools of blood, packaged as a ready
to use agent
Simple to use even by non-medically trained responders
Lightweight and durable
Capable of extended storage under a wide range of temperatures
Free from bacterial or viral risk