Herbal Male Impotence Treatment with Natural Remedies

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Herbal Male Impotence Treatment with
Natural Remedies
Altered psychological and physiological causes such as tiredness, anxiety,
depression, stress, hormonal imbalance, deficiency of testosterone,
endocrine problems impairs sexual, neurological and genital functioning. 4T
Plus Capsule is one of the best herbal impotence treatments available. It
attenuates the symptoms of ED as it contains herbs that have the power to
control sexual dysfunction by regulating body function physically and
4T Plus Capsule contains herbs such
as Kaunch (Mucuna PruriensBek),
Shilajit (AsphaltumPuniabiunum),
SafedMusli (Asparagus Adscendens),
Ashwagandha (WithaniaSomnifera),
Vidarikand (Puerariatuberosa DC)
etc., that together make it best herbal
impotence treatment available.
Kaunch increases the production of
testosterone and sperm count. Shilajit
has anti stress, anti anxiety, anti ulcer,
immune modulating and anti ageing properties. The roots of SafedMusli
contain high amount of protein, which strengthens the body. Ashwagandha
is a good immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antioxidant
and anti ageing herb. It prevents ED and serves as nerve tonic.
Vidarikand's extract significantly increases the constitution of male organs
and production of male hormone, which boosts their sexual behaviour. The
appropriate combination of these herbs makes it one of the best herbal
impotence treatments available.
The capsule promotes anti ageing - physically and mentally. The risk of
impotence is higher in ageing men. It is also common in people who have
unhealthy lifestyle, erroneous eating habits, take excess of alcohol or suffer
from organic health conditions. Intake of 4T Plus Capsule resolves

genitourinary disorders and serves as immunomodulatorneuroprotective
agent. It helps in increasing sperm count and rejuvenation of male
reproductive organs. It provides nutrition to the body to reduce the risks
that cause ED. It gets rid of chronic stress in patients who are facing
debility due to guilt, low self esteem or related mental conditions.
Some of the beneficial effects of using the capsule are -
1. It increases the production of testosterone and sperm count.
2. It increases libido.
3. It contains anti ageing components.
4. It enhances control over organs for increased enjoyment.
5. It reduces anxiety and stress.
6. It cures impotence / erectile dysfunction.
How the capsule works? 4T Plus Capsule contains components that are
hormone precursor, i.e., the herb extracts can converts itself into hormones
depending on the body's requirements. It is said to be amphoteric, i.e. it
can regulate physiologic process in men. Alternatively, when the hormones
are released in excess, the plant based component in the capsule occupies
cell membrane to restrict the receptors. The herbs found in it have anti
ageing property and are great adaptogen that helps the body to withstand
stress. The components of the capsule repair tissues in the reproductive
organs to promote strength and vitality.
Depending on the symptoms of debility, age, lifestyle and condition, the
capsule can take three to four months to show great results. 4T Plus
Capsule is best herbal impotence treatment available that is also 100%
safe to use. The product is prepared from plant based extracts and natural
components. It is refined in ayurvedic laboratories, widely tested for quality
and then supplied for consumptions. One can depend on the capsule as a
complete remedy for impotence.

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