Herbal Remedies For Irregular Periods To Prevent Menstrual Pain

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Herbal Remedies For Irregular Periods To
Prevent Menstrual Pain
Are you one of those women who experience irregular menstrual cycle?
And are looking for permanent solution? Then, there are natural ways to
cure the problem. Well, there are several options available that will help to
regulate the menstrual cycle and to prevent menstrual pain.
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badly affect regular activities for few days in every month. To get rid of
these awful situations, herbal remedies for irregular periods are the
appropriate choice. Gynex capsules are the best example of it. Numbers of
women have achieved positive result by using this herbal supplement.
Symptoms of menstrual cramps: According to the experts, women
experience different types of symptoms related to menstrual cramps
1. Intense aching or cramping pain in the lower abdomen
2. Pain which spreads out to lower back and thighs.
3. Stable and dull pain.

These are the most common symptoms of menstrual pain. In addition,
some women experience nausea, headache, loose stools, dizziness etc.
However, women can consume Gynex capsules to get relief from their
menstrual pain and to regulate the menstrual cycle.
Herbal remedies for avoiding menstrual pain: Here are few herbal remedies
which are very much effective to cure menstrual cramps. Have a close look
at them.
Chamomile Tea: The extract of chamomile flower contains anti-
inflammatory properties and it is also a good stress reliever. Many women
have achieved effective results by using this herbal cure. Women can take
this tea in every few hours when the pain is severe. It will help to feel calm
and reduce the pain to a large extent. It is considered as one of the
effective herbal remedies to prevent menstrual pain.
Ginger lemon tea: Ginger contains pain reliever properties. So, use ginger
in reducing pain. And so, make ginger tea. To prepare ginger tea, take few
slices of ginger, mash them and boil them into the water. Once the water
has soaked in all the ginger extracts, drink the ginger tea along with the
smashed remains. Women can consume Gynex capsules along with this
special tea.
Banana and Papaya Fruit Plate: It becomes really difficult to consume
foods, because pain loses appetite. However, bananas are rich in
potassium which helps to increase blood
circulation and reduce the overall pain in the body. Papaya contains high
magnesium which also reduces the pain. Gynex capsules are another good
option to avoid the menstrual discomfort.
Beetroot and Parsley juice: In fact, beetroot and parsley juice is considered
as efficient herbal remedies for irregular periods and this herbal cure also
lessen the menstrual cramps.

Beetroot is a rich source of iron and it works also as a pain reliever. Iron
provides strength and also reduces the clots which are mainly responsible
for body ache and cramps.
Parsley contains apiol and the apiol is a component of estrogen. Estrogen
is the female sex hormone. As per health research, apiol helps the intensity
of the menstrual flow and reduces the pain of overall body.
So, take some fresh parsley few pieces of beet root. Blend them well to
make juice. Drink the juice two times every day during the menstrual
Tag along the above herbal remedies to overcome the menstrual problem.
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