Herbal Remedies For Relieving Joint Pain And Swelling

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Herbal Remedies For Relieving Joint
Pain And Swelling
Joint pain can arise due to accidents, sprains and stresses. They can also
be an indicator of arthritis. Medical conditions such as worn out cartilages
and bones give rise to pain. The pain may be acute, chronic or occurs
intermittently. In any case, such pain restricts freedom of movement,
partially crippling you and making you prone to falls and accidents. Herbal
remedies for relieving joint pain and swelling naturally bring about healing
and resolve such discomforts without side effects that are common to
allopathic medicines.
According to ayurveda, India's ancient system of
medicine the best herbs for joint pain and swelling
are amla, rasna, rigni, chobchini, sonth, pipal,
jatamansi, suranjan, kali mirch, sudh kuchla,
amber, kesar combined with moti pishti (made from
pearls), lohban (made from iron), nag bhasma
(made from lead) and swarna Bhasma (gold
based). These herbs are used in Rumatone Gold
capsules, a powerful remedy for joint pain and
Rumatone Gold oil contains shankhpushpi,
malkangani, vacha, swarna bhasma, kesar,
jatamansi, sesamum or til oil and chakvad or chirayta.
Here you can know properties of herbs chosen for joint pain and
1. Cassia Tora or chakvad is a powerful nerve tonic, suppresses kapha and
vata doshas and has an anodyne action on the body.
2. Shankha pushpin is good for heart and for the nervous system.
Jatamansi is a sedative, pacifies the central nervous system thereby
lessening pain sensations and also controls blood pressure. Vacha

improves circulation of blood to all cells, reduces pain, swelling and
inflammation besides regulating the digestive system for better absorption
of nutrients.
3. Rasna belongs to the ginger family and contains flavonoids that improve
blood circulation, work as anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent and also
lowers lipid levels, bringing relief in inflammation and pain.
4. Sonth or dried ginger has similar properties.
5. Suranjan is a known, potent herb specifically benefiting arthritic patients
since it can reduce swellings and joint pain.
6. Kuchla is anti-inflammatory and it soothes joint and muscle pains
besides promoting healing.
Bhasmas of lead, gold and iron are prepared through a special age-old
ayurvedic process. These metal and mineral compounds (as contained in
moti pishti) supply essential micronutrients and also aid cellular
rejuvenation and restoration.
Instead of a single herb, polyherbal remedy works best in arthritis or joint
pains and swelling cases.
Apart from being immensely beneficial in arthritis, these two polyherbal
remedies also give relief in sciatica, back pain, neuromuscular pains,
frozen shoulder, lumbago and general aches. Whereas traditional
medications can have long term undesirable side effects, these herbal
remedies for relieving joint pain and swelling naturally do not have any. On
the contrary, herbs used in this formulation gradually bring about overall
health improvements. The ideal way is to consume two capsules each day
along with massage of affected areas with Rumatone Gold oil. Better
results can be attained when herbal remedies for relieving joint pain are
combined with therapies such as acupuncture, hot and cold massage, use
of probiotics and antioxidant consumption. Mild exercises such as
swimming or cycling also help bring about quick relief when combined with
the capsule and oil treatment.

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