Herbal Treatment For Female Low Libido And S xual Dysfunction

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The sexual desire in women arise due to sexual
stimulation which may come in the form of some
kinds of signs, actual rubbing of vagina or nipples,
and caressing other parts of body.
The sexual desire is always present in the humans,
but it starts making its presence felt after the
onset of puberty.

There are certain signs of attaining puberty and
that include enlargement of breasts, change in
voice, and growing of hairs in the bikini area.
The low libido refers to poor sex desire, while
sexual dysfunction signifies inadequate ability to
perform during the sexual intercourse.

When a woman avoids sex, or cannot withstand
normal sex duration, and is unable to last even
the normal 5-to 10 minutes of sexual activity, she
may be referred as a female having low libido and
sexual dysfunction.

It is but natural for a woman to long for sex after
attaining puberty, but those not so interested may
have some reasons behind it.
The reasons may include poor health, lack of
nutritious foods, mental tensions and stress.

Low libido and sexual dysfunction may also arise
due to excessive masturbation, leaking of semen,
wet dreams, or some kinds of infections in the
The venereal diseases or sexually transmitted
diseases may also be the possible causes of these

There are numerous medicines in the market for
the treatment of sexual disorders of these kinds,
but they all are ineffectual, and lead to serious
side effects.
Hence, one can take Fantasy capsule which is
highly effective in curing low libido and sexual
dysfunction in women.

The capsule is a highly effective herbal
preparation, and can cure the above mentioned
sexual disorders for good.
The capsule has such herbal ingredients as
Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Lauh Bhasm, Pipal,
Laung, Jaiphal to name just a few.

These herbs and plants enhance general
immunity of a person, and increase the circulation
of blood in the body including the female genital
The Fantasy capsule being an herbal product is
safe, and can be taken on long term basis.

It has no side effects, and cures the malady
The benefit of this capsule is visible within a week
of its intake, but to have the best results a woman
should take it for around three to four months