Hidden Cost of Moving and How to avoid them

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If the customer is not having enough time to take all responsibilities of relocating,
then hiring professionals is a good idea. Hiring professionals will cost you more
but it ensures you a hassle free and stress free relocation. Professional packers
and movers offer various kinds of services in every kind of relocation. The main
advantage of hiring professionals is they make you mind stress free. They are
totally dedicated to their services and offer services like planning, loading,
unloading, unpacking and transportation. Creating moving budget in advance is a
good option to save money on your move. The cost you estimated or the cost
estimation given by movers is not the exact cost of moving, there are lots of other
cost or can say hidden cost add up and make the total cost so high that you
never estimated. Even genuine movers might not spill out all the cost unless you
ask. Always confirm these things before from your mover while dealing with
Most of moving companies charge you extra for packing and
disassembling even you are paying your movers for packing up of goods,
most of companies give you just estimate but it will charge extra for
disassembling of furniture etc.
Always make sure that your moving company includes all the heavy lifting
fees in the estimate. No extra fees of lifting any unusually heavy item
should be there.
Always tell your mover the exact condition of your new and old place,
there should not be any additional cost for any inconvenient way or
Some time if client pack by himself and he gave time to movers to come at
particular time for transiting your goods and you packing is still not
completed then these movers also charge for waiting. So you need to be
done it before the movers arrive.
Make sure that how much space is required by your belongings, and ask
the movers for transport facility according to your belongings, most of
companies charge as per hour and not as per size of truck, so ask them
for a larger truck if you can get both at same rate.
Always be sure to lock these movers into a binding not to exceed
estimates so that you need to pay the same amount after your items are
actually weighted.
By considering these few things in mind at the time of moving, you can save your
money and can aware from clever tactics of these movers. Packers and movers
of Kolkata are well dedicated to their work and provide very reliable services.
Always take quotes from four to five packer movers companies so that you can
compare the cost and services offering by them, and then finalize the decision of
choosing a right packer and mover for cost effective and enjoyable relocation.
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