High Waisted Leather Shorts

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The Trendy Look of High Waisted Leather Shorts

In order for you to know if you can wear those high waisted leather shorts, it is of paramount
importance that you know where your waist is. In order for you to figure out where your waist
is, the thing that you have to do is to place your hands on that smallest part of the torso and
then your other hand just right below the bust line. If you cannot have these two hands in
that same place, this means that you have a longer body. This would also mean that there is
so much space where you can wear those high waisted leather shorts. If you can only fit a
hand and half on that space, you have a balance body and this means that you may or may
not wear a high waisted shorts.

If you have those great waists which is really an asset, what you should do is to pick that
shorts that will draw attention to it. If you have that spaces that can be filled in, you can
wear the shorts that is higher than the usual to get that Katherine Hepburn look. If you would
like to have a boyish look, you can pair it with a tank top that is tuck on it to show off the
fetching area. There are also high waisted leather shorts that have double button rows that
give it a sailor look. With this style the waist is accentuated while playing on some cute
features on the apparel.

If you happen to have that type of body which has little space on the waist area to fill in, you
can choose a softer version of this piece but still got the look. There are pieces that will give
you the look of high waisted leather shorts without drawing much attention to that middle
area. This can actually be styled to be similar to those style your shorts during the winter
seasons. This would mean that you can wear those high waisted leather shorts with some
opaque tights during cooler seasons. If you have that triangle shaped body or the one with
smaller upper and wider bottom, you have to take extra caution in wearing this piece. This is
because this type of short draws attention right down which can accentuate even more that
already prominent area of your body.

What to Wear With High Waisted Leather Shorts?

High waisted leather shorts are one of the favorite trends in the mainstream fashion today.
This is a must have on every girls closet. But one may wonder what to wear with these shorts.
Many aficionados advise that the secret to rocking this trend is to tone down the inner risky
qualities of this piece. In wearing this layering up is perfect. In the case of bottoms made of
leather, the more layers it has the more appealing it is. When you top your high waisted
leather shorts, you can try to offset this sexy fabric by tucking in some cute shirt. An easy
way to top off that leather is by using any loose fitting top that is very neutral. Be it a slouchy
sweater or button up in cream, brown or tan color, or silk crop, you are sure to feel fresh and
chic. If you are in a more professional environment, a gorgeous blazer will definitely make
you look perfectly elegant. Those boyfriend blazers are top choice because of the long style
which can cover you in those right places. This allows a simple hint of sassiness in your look.
For your summer look, the pleated high waisted leather shorts are definitely in. you can
simply pair it with cropped cotton tops.

Accessories to Wear With High Waisted Leather Shoes

Your footwear is the best accessory that will work for your high waisted leather shoes. The
choice of footwear will depend on the type of look that you would like to project. If you
would like to go informal, you can simply pair it with comfortable flats or sandals. Try not to
go too much lacy as the shorts are also a very loud fashion statement. If you will be going
outdoors for trekking or some exploring, you may opt to pull it off with sturdy boots. If you
are going to an evening event, the perfect match is a pair of high heels. This match is very
popular even on the runways. This is also mostly chosen because it can elongate your legs. For
your belt, choose the thinner ones so as not to draw too much attention. Decorative belts are
not highly recommended. To make a more interesting and dramatic look, you can also use a
beaded necklace that falls down to the waistline. Use a short-strapped handbag with your
high waisted leather shorts.

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