Hitachi HH0-130 exam questions

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HH0-130 exam questions
Hitachi Data Systems Storage Foundations
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1.In the event of a power failure, what happens to the cache on a VSP?
A.The built-in batteries preserve all data in cache.
B.The cache is de-staged to a System Disk.
C.The cache is de-staged to the Data Cache Adapter SSDs.
D.The built-in batteries preserve only write pending data.
Answer: C
2.Which method does a VSP use to protect new write data an d ensure data integrity?
A.Only write I/O is duplexed in cache.
B.Read and write I/O is duplexed in cache.
C.Only write I/O is duplexed in control memory.
D.Read and write I/O is duplexed in control memory.
Answer: A
3.Which type of protocol is used by the Back-End Directors (BEDs) in the VSP?
Answer: B
4.What are two drive types supported by the VSP SAS back -end architecture? (Choose two.)
Answer: AD
5.Which two functions are performed by the Virtual Storage Director (VSD) on the VSP? (Choose two.)
A.It controls I/O operations for the currently owned LDEVs.
B.It queries all user data to verify that data is placed on the appropriate tier.
C.It executes the code for target, external, BED, initiator and RC U target modes.
D.It enables hardware based virtualization by allowing SAN connectivity directly to the external director
Answer: AC
6.A customer is evaluating enterprise storage arrays from various vendors and requires that their mission
critical data must be encrypted while at rest.
What is required on the VSP to satisfy this requirement?
A.a license key
B.2.5" self-encrypting drives for the capacity required
C.a key-generating encryption option on each SAS link
D.encryption Back-End Directors (eBEDs) for dynamic encryption
Answer: A
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7.What are two components of a storage cluster in a VSP? (Choose two.)
A.Front-End Directors (FED)
B.Fiber Switches (FSW)
C.Virtual Storage Directors (VSD)
D.Service Processors (SVP)
Answer: AC
8.What are two purposes of the Data Cache Adapter (DCA) in a VSP? (Choose two.)
A.It caches user data read from the drives through the BED.
B.It provides a direct connection between the FED and the VSD.
C.It caches all I/O requests for the LDEVs being assigned to it.
D.It caches data from the FED during write operations.
Answer: AD
9.Which component interconnects the DKCs within a VSP?
A.Fibre Switch (FSW)
B.Virtual Storage Director (VSD)
C.Grid Switch (GSW)
D.Back-End Director (BED)
Answer: C
10.A customers needs a storage solution offering highly secure data storage for mainframe and Open
Systems applications that is consistent with their green data center policy.
Which two VSP storage system features meet these requirements? (Choose two.)
A.VSP can encrypt data in cache before de-staging to disk.
B.VSP Virtual Storage Directors
a built in encryption capability.
C.VSP offers encryption capabilities to Open Systems and mainframe applications.
D.VSP encryption creates no measurable increase in heat output or energy consumpt ion.
Answer: CD
11.Which two operations are available with Storage Navigator 2 on the VSP? (Choose two.)
A.Display the LUN mount point on the server side.
B.Run Storage Navigator Modular 2 for external storage systems.
C.Give a specific name to Logical Devices (LDEVs).
D.Activate the encryption feature on installed BEDs .ArialZX?
Answer: CD
12.Which three actions can be performed with Storage Navigator 2 on a VSP? (Choose three.)
A.Define migration policies.
B.Provision the storage system.
C.View system alerts.
D.Acquire logs.
E.Set System Option Modes.
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Answer: BCD
13.Which two tasks are available in Storage Navigator 2 for VSP? (Choose two.)
A.Manage multiple VSPs.
B.Create LDEVs.
C.Perform a microcode upgrade.
D.Add external volumes.
Answer: BD
14.Which RAID level would provide optimal performance for sequential read I/O while also providing data
A.RAID 0 (8D)
B.RAID 6 (6D+2P)
C.RAID 5 (7D+1P)
D.RAID 1 (2D+2D)
Answer: C
15.Your customer is experiencing performance problems on a VSP system .They are using Performance
Monitor to obtain performance information on several storage system components.
Which two performance metrics should be examined? (Choose two.)
A.ORM value
B.HDD latency
C.VSD MP utilitization
D.Write Pending Rate
Answer: CD
16.A VSP customer is deploying a
new Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning pool .They require the highest
availability for a sequential read workload.
Which RAID type should the customer use?
A.RAID 0 (8+0)
B.RAID 10 (2+2)
C.RAID 5 (3+1)
D.RAID 6 (6+2)
Answer: D
17.Your customer wants to optimize overall performance of their HUS systems .They are using
Performance Monitor to obtain performance information on several storage system components.
Which two performance metrics should be examined? (Choose two.)
A.ORM response time
B.HDD utilization
C.average seek times
D.write pending rate
Answer: BD
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18.Which two functions are available on HiTrack for VSP systems? (Choose two.)
A.It reports errors to the support center.
B.It downloads new firmware from the support center.
C.It downloads new configuration data from the support center.
D.It calls home periodically to the support center.
Answer: AD
19.Which two transport methods can HiTrack use to report SIMs to the Hitachi Data Systems Global
Support Center? (Choose two.)
Answer: AB
20.What are two characteristics of Dynamic Sparing on HUS systems? (Choose two.)
A.Spares can be in any drive slot.
B.Spares must be in the first expansion tray.
C.Spares must be in a high density expansion tray.
D.After a drive replacement the new drive is the spare by default.
Answer: AD
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