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HH0-350 exam dumps
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1.What are two ways of controlling anti-virus scanning on Hitachi NAS Platform nodes? (Choose two.)
A. Select the round robin algorithm on the multi-scan engine configuration screen
B. Set up the inclusion list.
C. Enable anti-virus at the share level.
D. Modifythe virus background checking policies.
Answer: B,C
2.A customer with a Hitachi NAS Platform wants to use a Hitachi VSP storage system. You need to gather
information about the VSP and which storage is available.
Which tool should you use to review this information?
A. Hitachi Device Manager
B. Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular 2
C. Hitachi Cluster Manager
D. Hitachi VSP manager
Answer: A
3.You have prepared a solution upgrade proposal for an existing Hitachi NAS Platform customer who is
planning to purchase additional nodes. While presenting to your customer, they ask about mixing models
within a cluster.
Which statement is correct?
A. A cluster must be made of the same models.
B. A cluster can be made of different models.
C. Mixing 3000 models within a cluster is supported.
D. All models can be clustered with each other.
Answer: A
4.You are designing a solution to
replace a customer's existing NetApp FAS3140. The customer uses
Snapshot and SnapMirrorto provide local snapshots and DR protection. They perform a daily snapshot
which is retained for 30 days and they execute SnapMirror on a 15 minute interval. In the event of a
failover to the DR site, all the locally executed snapshots are available for use on the DR system.
How should you configure snapshot rules with replication to provide equivalent capabilities?
A. on the source system that is referenced by the object replication policy
B. on the source and target systems using two different object replication policies, one of which
references both snapshot rules
C. on the target system only referenced by the object replication policy
D. on the source and target systems using a single object replication policy
Answer: B
5.You are architecting a Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 solution for a new customer, and they ask about initial
storage pool creation and future expansions.
What are two HDS best practices? (Choose two.)
A. Four SDs are recommended in a new storage pool.
B. Two SDs are recommended in a new storage pool.
C. If an initial storage pool was created with 2 SDs, the expansion would be 4 SDs.
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D. If an initial storage pool was created with 4 SDs, the expansion would be 4 SDs.
Answer: A,D
6.A customer plans to implement SNMP management tools for their Hitachi NAS Platform from the
customer's management LAN.
Which two are needed? (Choose two.)
A. a configured SMTP server
B. a configured community string
C. Admin-EVS accessible from the customer's management LAN
D. an enabled HTTPS certificate
Answer: B,C
7.A customer wants to leverage the external storage capability of their VSP system with a Hitachi NAS
Platform 4000 cluster. They are planning to attach a HUS 110 with SAS 7.2K drives to the VSP.
According to HDS best practices, which three use cases are appropriate for this solution? (Choose three.)
A. home directories
B. OLTP Database
C. archive
D. backup target
E. VMware VDI desktops
Answer: A,C,D
8.Your customer wants to issue administrative commands to a Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 over their data
network using scripting.
What must you do?
A. Change the firewall setting in SMU to allow access to the admin EVS.
B. Assign an IP address to the
EVS on the data network aggregate.
C. Run the scripted commands against any existing file services EVS.
D. Add an additional IP address to the file services EVS used by the clients.
Answer: B
9.Which document must be completed in the pre-sales cycle before scheduling professional services
resources for a customer installation?
A. Site Implementation Guide
B. Systems Readiness Document
C. Pre-Engagement Checklist
D. Change Control Approval Form
Answer: C
10.You are designing a new Hitachi NAS Platform 4000 solution that will use Hitachi File Replication for
DR protection.The production system will deploy deduplication across its file systems.
What must you take into account regarding the DR target file systems when architecting your proposal?
A. Data cannot be deduplicated on the the DR file systems.
B. Data will eventually be deduplicated on the DR file systems.
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C. Data is deduplicated in-line as it is replicated to the DR file systems.
D. Data cannot be accessed on the DR target until the file systems are promoted.
Answer: B
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