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HostGator - The Best Web Hosting for your site
HostGator ( has become one of
the better known web hosts in the industry by being
themselves. Though nothing they do is completely
spectacular or unbelievable, they do what they
should do. That is, HostGator actually answers their
phones, replies to their emails, responds to live chat
requests, doesn't rip you off, and provides quality
It's actually quite sad that most hosts can't seem to get these things right, but
it's great for HostGator as they've banked on it and it's translated into success.
At first glance, HostGator is not too impressive. They
have a fairly generic web site, a logo with a fairly lame
slogan - "we eat up the competition" (the alligator in the
logo is eating the "H") (sorry HostGator), ordinary copy
on their text, an apparent lack of updates on their site, a
pretty standard ModernBill setup, cPanel, and basically
everything an average web host has.
However, that's the beauty of HostGator. They don't
have too many bells and whistles, marketing ploys, or
anything of the sort. What you see is what you get and
it's that simple. HostGator's terms of service is pretty
standard, as is their order process. Marketing isn't shoved
down your throat at every page and billing is simple. The
order process takes about 5 minutes and HostGator
accepts both credit cards and PayPal (which is always
nice), as well as debit cards.

Pros: Good support, easy to
contact, competitive pricing, plenty
of features with cPanel, straight
Cons: Not too many free addons or
extra features, no Web 2.0
technology support
Bottomline: HostGator is a solid hosting company that provides excellent
support and competitive pricing without too many frills or marketing ploys.
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