How A Man Can Make S x Longer Lasting And Pleasurable?

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Sex is essentially an act of enjoyment.
One can say; where there is sex there is pleasure
and enjoyment.
However, one has to be mentally alert, tension
free and physically fit to have the maximum out of
the sex.

The necessary stamina and strength to last longer
lie in the physical and mental makeup of a man.
Physical exercises, nutritious diet and healthy life
style help build the necessary stamina to last
One derives pleasure from sex on various counts.

He can engage himself first in foreplay to
sufficiently arouse his partner which also is a
source of enjoyment for a man.
When one's partner is aroused to the fullest
before the actual penetration act, a man feels
great satisfaction.

Her movements and eagerness to get the penis
into her vagina is of immense pleasure for a man.
The first requirement to have an enjoyable sex is
getting her in that mood after creating scenes
conducive to sex.

One should let her go on top, and advise her to
have your penis into her vagina just two three
inches inside, hold on for some time, to let the
penis acclimatize with the environment inside.
Let there be short pulses of movements
combined with penetrate and withdraw

When one feels alike ejaculating he can withdraw
for a while, and when things normalize resume
the act.
It will greatly help one to have long lasting sex,
and also derive maximum pleasure out of it.
One of the easiest method of having a long lasting
sex and pleasure, is the use of 4T Plus capsule.

It is an herbal product having natural herbs
and plants as its ingredients.
The herbs used in the preparation of this
wonder capsule are Kesar, Ashwagandha,
Moti, Pial, Shilajit to name just a few.

All these herbs have medicinal values, and
have been in use to treat sex related
problems since the ages.
These herbs increase the flow of blood to
the male genital area including the penis,
reduce stress, and build stamina that help
one to last longer and enjoy better.

The capsule is an herbal product with
natural ingredients, and thus, has no side
It works wonder in enhancing the sex
related pleasure.
The dose prescribed is two capsules twice