How AI Benefits Sales and Marketing

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How AI Benefits Sales and Marketing
Terms like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and algorithms can seem intimidating to
people who work in sales and marketing. However, it’s important to overcome the hesitation
about using them for companies who want to remain profitable and competitive. Artificial
intelligence (AI), for example, is a technological revolution that helps to automate many
business functions. This frees up your time to focus on your company’s growth.
With AI, you can uncover rich insights that provide immense value to your marketing and sales
teams. According to a recent report released by Salesforce, the use of AI will increase by
approximately 50 percent by 2019. This is a much higher rate than any other type of
technology. There’s no reason to fear machines taking over repetitive and complicated tasks. In
fact, it can be quite freeing to your entire organization.
Artificial Intelligence Then and Now
Alan Turing, an early pioneer of AI, developed the Turing test in 1950. This is a way to test a
machine to determine if it can display intelligent behavior that equals or surpasses that of a
human. While conducting his research, Turing asked a work associate to interact with and write
notes to another person and to a computer. The result was that the machine won the game
because the person in the interpreter role couldn’t tell the difference between the other player
and the computer.
One of Turing’s goals during his research was to determine if it was possible for a machine to
exhibit signs of general intelligence. His conclusion was that any feature of intelligence or
learning could be described precisely enough for a machine to simulate it.
In the modern world, AI is an abundant part of sales and marketing. These teams use it in
places such as predictive segmenting and website chatbots. One of the biggest benefits of AI is
that it can locate data patterns that would be difficult and extremely time-consuming for
humans to do. AI takes the guesswork and monotony out of marketing campaigns by pulling
rich insights from an abundance of data.
Benefits of AI for Marketers
Nearly every industry can benefit from AI, including marketing. It can help marketers become
more efficient by gathering data and allowing people to personalize it. Below are some of the
specific benefits your team can expect when using AI.
Score Leads Automatically
AI and advanced algorithms make it possible for marketers to established automatic lead
scoring while using the marketing automation tools they already have. This removes the
pressure from marketers to qualify their prospects using long forms. It also frees up their time
to develop other types of marketing initiatives.
In addition to saving time, AI-powered lead scoring enables machines to qualify leads in a more
accurate, faster, and smarter fashion. You can vet the lead immediately and select the ones
that appear to show the most potential. This enables you to optimize your current marketing
efforts to attract the attention of similar prospects. Many people are realizing the value of
having a machine score leads and having people devote their time to improving existing ad
campaigns and developing more effective ones for the future.
Customer Segmentation and Advanced Personalization
AI may be a machine, but it enables marketers to personalize the customer experience and gain
a better understanding of their journey. For example, an AI tool called keyword spotting allows
you to analyze data sets quickly and learn unique things about each visitor that you wouldn’t
see with any other type of analytics system. As a marketer, you can discover prevailing
customer attitudes and problems with your products without having to sift through hours of
Another feature of AI is the ability to set up predictive and automated journeys. Call Sumo’s AI
tools enable you to use machine learning to display the most appropriate message on the
correct channel. When you deliver it at just the right time, it makes it easy to leverage the data
of your customers to provide them with highly relevant experiences. You will lose fewer leads
because AI makes it possible to tailor your message in real time.
A Game-Changer for Sales Representatives
There’s no doubt that AI empowers marketing teams, but it also allows sales representatives to
gain efficiency in closing more deals. With a better understanding of their prospects, they can
provide the best possible customer service.
Shorten the Sales Cycle by Automating Lead Qualification
Yet another benefit of AI is that it helps sales professionals do more in less time. Instead of
spending time manually qualifying leads, they can focus their limited resources and time on the
customers that AI has determined most profitable. This saves considerable time and money
because you won’t have to hire people to sift through and respond to every lead. AI filters the
prospects and identifies patterns in the flow of your sales to prioritize your actions more
effectively. It allows your marketing teams to follow up on leads immediately before the
competition even knows about them.
Power Tailored Conversations with Predictive Analytics
Similar to the way that AI assists marketers to identify trends and target leads more effectively,
it also assists sales representatives to determine the probability of a customer purchase.
Additionally, it highlights important information about each customer to prompt product
suggestions according to their buying history and needs. The goal of predictive analytics is to