How bluehost and others are helping SMEs online

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How Bluehost and others are helping SMEs online have released figures that show that there is a significant shift towards eCommerce among small business owners. Web hosting companies, such as
Bluehost, are reducing prices and creating plans aimed at helping small businesses start up online and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are now taking them up
on their offer to make money online. Xenios Thrasyvoulou, chief executive of said that:
"We're witnessing a paradigm shift in the way small businesses market their products and sell their products and services - and it's happening at an
incredible pace."
In the UK, where the statistics were collected, 26% of businesses are now solely selling their products online, utilizing the help of web hosts such as Bluehost to
establish shopping carts and to create secure areas for payment transactions.
The statistics do also show that the percentage of those doing more than half of their business online is also significant. 47% of the small businesses surveyed said that
they did more than 50% of their business online these days.
These figures are significant for it shows that not only businesses are capitalizing on the internet to improve the fortunes of their respective businesses, but it also
demonstrates that the growth in this business is down to a far more straightforward way of setting up your website. Web hosts, like Bluehost, are targeting small
businesses to help them get online and it is showing in the dramatic rise of such small eCommerce retailers and businesses.
This trend is only set to continue as the internet becomes ever more popular around the world and becomes all the more prevalent on mobile devices whose searches
on Google and other search engines are geared towards "local,"which will no doubt assist in making small businesses more visible online.
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