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It is 2010 and you still find yourself in a difficult situation because your marriage has fallen apart.
Although you have thought about the situation, you have come to the conclusion that your
behavior is the problem. Even though you are willing to make changes with your behavioral
problems, you still ask yourself the question, how do I get my ex wife to come back this year? How
can you work on your relationship if she is not living in the house with you? Keep reading.

If your ex does decide to come home, do you have a game plan? Do you really know how you are
going to handle the situation? You have to understand that your relationship is not about trying to
trick her or talking a good game about the changes you are willing to make, is about reflecting on
the person you really are and the areas of your behavior and your personality you are willing to

Also, it is important for you to understand that the changes you are willing to make are not only to
make her happy but, they are the changes you are willing to make so you can be a better husband
and a better person.

It is very crucial that you actually take the time out to think about things before your ex wife returns
home to you. The reason why you want to do this is, you do not want to do the same things again
that caused her to leave in the first place.

In all honesty, who wants to return to relationship where they are constantly fighting about the
same things over and over again. This is not the type of relationship that anyone with common
sense would want to be in. Now, if you know for sure that you need to make some changes and
you are willing to do so, it is time for you to come up with a game plan for getting your ex back.

Here are 3 steps to convince your wife that you are still in love with her and that there is hope for
the relationship and why she should come back home:

1. Tell your ex wife that you have finally realized that you needed to be honest with yourself before
you could truly be honest to her. Let her know that you are willing and able to change your
behavior towards her in the relationship. Tell her that you really and truly want to be a better
husband, a better person, and a better father if there are children involved. This way you are
giving her the real reasons why she should come back to you.

2. Do not let yourself get into the, I am a single man mode. Just because your relationship seems
to have come to an end do not let yourself go wild by doing silly things such as, not washing your
clothes, shaving, and taking care of the house. You are not a little boy and no woman in her right
mind wants to treat grown man like a little child. There are three things a woman desire in a
relationship a lover, a partner, and a friend. If you are taking care of business while she is away

this will show her know that you respect her and yourself.

3. You are not always right! If you have been wrong and you know you were wrong, be a man and
admit it and apologize. Too many men have gotten caught up in that, "I am the man" and think that
apologizing to their woman is a sign of weakness. This is a lie and there is no truth in it! When you
admit you are wrong and you are man enough to apologize, this shows your woman that you have
confidence, maturity, and strength about who you are.

Doing these things not only shows your girl that you are a mature person but, it also assures her
that you have respect for her, for yourself, and for the relationship.

If you must know the truth, if you are not willing to apologize for the wrong you have done it only
shows her that you are weak and very insecure. If you are not man enough to be honest with her
and apologize you only letting her know that you are unsure of yourself. If you really want to show
your woman that you are a real man, man up and apologize, believe it or not this is a turn on for
women. Remember, be strong, be confident, and be mature she will love you for it.

I sincerely hope that these 3 things I have mentioned above has given you a really good idea or
ideas to the question you have been asking, how do I get my wife back in 2010? If you really want
to get your ex wife back you have to be willing and able to work on your marriage and show her
that this is what you really want. Remember, it takes two.

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