How Can your Business Benefit from Outbound Telesales?

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How Can your Business Benefit from Outbound Telesales?
With advancements in technology, it has become necessary for companies to cope up with the changes
in order to run their business smoothly. Today, there are various means through which companies can
reach their customers or clients. Even though online marketing techniques have become quite popular,
businesses cannot rule out the benefits of telesales. This traditional yet reliable procedure can be used
for getting the word around for a business. It is also useful in terms of information gathering and sales.
If you are a business owner looking for ways to boost your business process, outbound telesales can be
of great help. Under this service, telesales representatives do ‘cold calling’ wherein they call potential
customers and try to persuade them into buying the company’s products or services.
These telesales representatives can also play an important role in lead generation campaigns for your
business. They can call prospect clients and try to gather as much information as possible. Compared to
inbound telesales reps, outbound reps receive more sales training which makes them quite useful for
Here are top three benefits of hiring a telesales agency for your business:
1. Outbound telesales helps in qualifying leads in an efficient manner. Leads received from
brochures, websites, email campaigns or even literature requests can be worked upon by
telesales reps. Chances of prospect conversion becomes high only when the leads are pre-
qualified on an early basis. Once telesales reps qualify leads, it becomes easy for sales reps to
weed out weak prospects and assign time and resources on tapping the strong ones.
2. This direct marketing method has the advantage of personal human contact. According to
experts, telephone can be one of the most cost-efficient and statistically accountable mediums,
if used correctly by marketing professionals. Through telesales, your business can create a bond
with prospects and establish long lasting connections. Through smart and personalized
conversations, reps can be successful in persuading potential customers to buy from you.
3. Telesales is cost-effective as there are no expenses related to in-person sales. Compared to
sending a sales rep to make a sale in person, telesales costs less than one-fifth. You can mail a
sales flier with introductory information to the prospects and then use services of a telesales
agency to follow up. The reps can call the prospects to gauge their level of interest and set up an
appointment for a sales person to visit if they show high interest
B2B telesales is also important for companies to convert leads into sales. Leads received by
telemarketing professionals and other marketing channels are closed via outbound calling by telesales
reps. B2B telesales reps are mainly experienced telemarketers who have the expertise to move quality
leads down the ‘sales funnel’.
It would be a good move if your business integrates telesales into the marketing campaign and
combines it with PR and traditional marketing for better results. This will help in reaching as well as
nurturing quality leads and producing high conversion rates.