How Do I Make My Erections Last Longer For Deeper Penetration?

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Time is the essence of life.
Time never wait for us, as we have to run behind
the time, to be ahead of it.
Time matters in all, as well as in the pleasures of
The time need to be optimum in copulation
among human being.

It is a calculation with exclusion of foreplay.
The time requirement for couples to foreplay
before the act of copulation need to be
discretionary, as it bases on the female partner
requirement for arousal continuation as well as
the time till her orgasm last for a smoother as well
as longer penetration.

The thump rule is the foreplay to continue until
she gets arousals and vaginal lubrication is with
orgasm is there, so that copulation is an act of
pleasure rather a pain.

The unfortunate is that the before the female
orgasm kick start by a foreplay, men dick erects as
well as descends with sperm ejaculation, that
result in lack of penetration, or no penetration or
just the dick hit the tip of the iceberg and sans
deeper penetration for a cent percent sexual

The all said before does not matter much but
after the researches with Ayurvedic science has
churn out remedies.
Now the, erections are sure to be fine-tuned by
our will rather than let to the hands of the
hormones in our body.

Many ayurvedic remedies tout in the market, trail
blazers are Bluze capsules along with Mast Mood
The success of Bluze capsules along with Mast
Mood oil purely basis on the potent herbs in
them all that ensure man is a man always.

Among 23 vital herbs in Bluze capsules, 4 in one,
and only Mast Mood oil, few among them are in
discuss now.
Orchis Mascula or Eulophia, an orchid family, herb
is in use in Bluze capsules.
The root of Orchis Mascula is the Salep, flour and
in use for beverages and desserts.

This potent herb has the certification of Paracelsus, the
famous toxicologist, wrote on its restoration capacity of
man's virility and passion.
Hygrophila Spinosa contribute to the potential of Bluze
capsules with the entire plant has in its tannins, flavonoids,
phytosterols, terpenoids, sterols and carbohydrates.

The antioxidant activity of the chemical
constituent in their leaves and seeds help as
an anti-ageing agent in man, so that erection
never be a time bound one and copulation
act of men's dick continue at a deeper level of
the vulva for men of all ages.