How Do You Leverage Content Marketing To Avoid Penguin 2.0

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How Do You Leverage Content
Marketing To Avoid Penguin 2.0
The old SEO strategies are increasingly obsolete, and this is because
now the SEO experts have found a useful way to achieve ranker site
with content marketing.
Content marketing has always helped sites to achieve a good
position within the search results and unless the algorithms change
drastically, this will continue.

Content marketing is a strategy that combines several features,
generate traffic, and increase web visibility and brand presence. The
various options through which you can generate content marketing
are: images, infographics, videos and even text.
Marketing does not mean new SEO content, always has been and
always will be. The objective is to disseminate information more
users and publicize a brand. But towards the very nature of content,
users will share, create links naturally, greatly improving a website's
position in search results.
SEO is not limited only to optimize pages for search engines, covers
a wide range of activities ranging from improving user experience

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with the website, to ensure dissemination of content as computer
graphics and videos.

Google Updates, Penguin 2.0

Titles and descriptions: It remains one of the most misunderstood,
but one of the most important. A good tip is to make sure there are
no duplicates, should not be too long nor too should be optimized,
not to include too many keywords.

Anchor text: too optimized Keywords are not a good
recommendation, it is best to create links in the most natural way,
as most people would.

Incoming and outgoing links: Running test can help detect links
manipulative techniques. If the results show that at least 50% of the
links are questionable, this can throw the positioning of a website.

Page Speed: Google analyzes the time it takes to fully open a
website, if it takes too long, the user experience will be negative, so
fast loading speed is a good criterion to help position a site.

Redirects: For those pages that were already positioned but were
eliminated, add a 301 redirect, which tells Google that the site was

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moved and must follow. The URL must be canonical, many already
know, but some people still do not use this type of address.

Alt Attributes: No need optimizer with too many keywords. When
images replace text, write naturally information will help Google
index the content correctly.

Tracking problems: Webmaster tools are a powerful tool that helps
detect errors in the pages. Review this utility frequently helps
troubleshoot and maintain the position of a page.

Malware: Usually, Google sends an email when a site is infected
with malware, but is not always the case. To prevent reinfection and
if, fix quickly, it is advisable to perform a periodic review in search
of these threats.
This is only a small list of the many tasks that can be done to
prevent the arrival of Penguin 2.0, however, the best
recommendation I can make is to never engage in tactics that
Google lists as spam. Although initially good results are obtained,
then the site will sink into the results page.
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