How Do You Tighten Your Loose Vagina After Vaginal Delivery?

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The birth may be natural for women or through C
Section or Caesarean section.
Natural birth has its blessings as well as issues.
Under normal or natural birth, women do shed
tears but also get "tears" in their genitals as well
as rectovaginal fistula crops up, wherein a
passage forms between the rectum and vagina.

The health issues in normal delivery are
unbearable like passage of fecal matter through
the vagina, flatus incontinence, and pain.
The medical reasons are long time labors, use of
forceps as well as unrecognized tears due to
earlier childbirths if any in the women.
The most worst, is the loose vagina issue, which
will be here for, discuss and cure.

Cosmetic surgeries may promise many in
reconstruction of loosened genitals, but the cost
is high and with side effects.
The Ayurvedic science has given the cue for the
cure as well as instant relief in the external use of
Aabab tablets.

Before going in detail on the secrets of Aabab
tablets, it is pertinent to know the statistics on
the vaginal delivery health issues.
The New England Journal of Medicine has shown
in their report on the problems in natural delivery
with 3-to-5-percent figure of mother report tears,
which are evident immediately after delivery of

The damage in deduction in mothers, later, in
endoanal ultrasounds has a whooping 35 to 41
percent with injury to the sphincter, which results
fecal incontinence, painful fissures and discomfort
for years together.

The Aabab tablets have in it the right ingredient
such as Argilla Vitriolutum and Quercus infectoria
to preempt the problems in association with
loosening of genitals such as low libido, infections,
as well as odor.

The Argills Vitriolutum or Alum kills the infection
so that the harmful bacteria are to see the exit as
well as protect the good lactobacilli so that the
vulva flora is intact so that the acidity of the
genital tracts is in maintenance.
The Alum as a chemical compound, its uses are

The Aabab tablet makers have clever enough to
rope in to alum, to tighten genital skin, to act as
an astringent and antibacterial agent.
The attack by bacteria on the natural balance in
the vulva floor and if they become too intense,
the genital flora lose its stand, with genital
infection sets in.

The pH in the genital floor rises above 4.4 and is
the sign of lesser harmless as well as useful
number of lactobacilli on the wane.
The role of Quercus infectoria in Aabab tablets is
well entrenched to say good-bye to the
complaints such as itching, burning and white
discharge, which may follow through after normal
delivery or any point of time in a women's life.