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How Entrance Matting Saves Money

I was reminded the other day of the importance of controlling dirt within a building

and how easy it enters. As I was talking with a high school custodial supervisor, athletic

registration was going on. There were students and parents entering and the matting
had not been replaced yet after their summer floor maintenance. With the dry, dusty

conditions, there was obvious ware beginning to show on the floor. We often think of

matting as a seasonal or weather dependent system, but works for you all year long.

Statistics show that it costs between $500 and $700 to remove just one pound of dirt
from a facility. Since a quality entrance mat will stop hundreds of pounds in its

lifetime, there is a real opportunity to free up some budget dollars.

85% of all the dirt in most facilities walks right through the door. Being able to keep it
there, at the door saves a lot of time. To see how effective proper matting can be, take

a look at this video.

At your service,

Brent Williams