How I Found Change in My LIfe

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How I Found Change in My LIfe
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I am quite proud to say that I have transformed from a weak person to someone who has found inner
strength and a lot of confidence. Years ago, I was diagnosed with a very rare case of genetic abnormality
that caused frequent miscarriages. It was something that made me really feel bad about myself. It made
me feel inadequate and unworthy of anyone's love. I felt like there was no reason to continue with life
and I spent each day the way someone who's watching a clock would--with no purpose.
I wanted to change my life but it was something that was very hard to do especially when you know
there is something wrong with you. I was desperate and confused. But I knew that I wanted to change
something in my life. I want to make something good out of my existence.
I figured that it was something that has to start with me. All the people around me, no matter how hard
they work in making things better, will not be able to make progress until I made a move myself. That's
when I realized the power of counseling. It was a really good way to understand the whole scenario. It
helped me accept the things the way they are and provided me with the strength I need to aid my
personal development.
This was something that did a lot of good for me. It provided me with the tools I needed to get over
whatever difficulties I was going through and helped bring change into my life. Counseling has
strengthened me so much that I no longer feel like I am the same person I was years ago.
There are different problems that plague a lot of people, especially women, but losing a baby and not
being able to bring one to the world are probably the biggest obstacle to womanhood. It will make a
woman feel like the most worthless creature on the planet. I know because I've been there.
But this is something that will become very unhealthy when nothing is done to correct it. The pain will
never go away but you have to find a way to deal with it. Your whole world should not stop just because
of this.
For women who miscarry, the burden and sadness of losing a baby, is a terrible feeling. But if you want
to get over this, mediation is one of the things you can do. Life coaches may recommend this to you as
well. Meditation helps the body re-energize; it effectively gets rid of any bad vibes as well as toxins
caused by stress and any other negative feelings. It will make you feel good.
It recharges your mind, soothes your emotions, and gives you more vigor. A meditation group can be
very helpful for you. This is something any depressed person must join.
When I started, I immediately noticed a change in me. It helped me see things in a new light. I no longer
feel like burdened all the time. Meditation and the fact that I was in the company of other people
helped me deal with my issues.

My issues were not just affecting me; they were also affecting the people around me--family, friends,
and colleagues. And it was not cool. They were trying to help me but all I was doing was hurting them in
some level. I was turning them away and making them feel like I did not need their help. I was so
wrapped up in my own misery that I failed to see that there are people who want to help me out.
Counseling helped me see the wrong in my behavior. It helped sparked a change in my life.