How I Picked My First Professional Quality Camcorder

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"The Perfect Professional-Quality
Camcorder For Film Hobbyists"

A few years ago I got interested in film making and motion photography, my
principal tool was my trusted DSLR camera which has HD video recording
capabilities. As I became more engrossed with the hobby, I felt that it was
somewhat restrictive to shoot videos with a DSLR camera. For one, mu DSLR
camera could only record very short clips and editing those was just plain tedious.
At the same time, DSLR cameras typically can
record at a speed of 24 frames per second or
lower, instead of 30 frames per second which
average video cameras are capable of. The
greatest difficulty I encountered when
shooting with DSLRs is with regards to sound
since most of them have mono microphones.
Also, whenever I zoom or focus my lenses, the
noise resulting from these actions is recorded
on the video. Moreover, DSLR cameras do not
have plenty of features that are typical to
camcorders like such as film-style filters.
Finally, I decided it was time to upgrade to a full featured pro grade video camera.
Since my budget was limited, I wanted something that has professional features
but was not too heavy on the pocket either. Since I needed a device that can
deliver on features and performance without being too cumbersome, I ended by
spending quite a few hours researching what models were available and their specs.

For one, I wanted a video
camera that can take films in
low-light conditions and can
accommodate various lenses
from fixed focal lengths to
zoom lenses. Also, I wanted one
that can be used with a variety
of lenses and has an intuitive
zoom function. I also looked for
a camcorder that can take
videos in 1080 or 720
resolutions. Since one of my
problems with DSLR camera is
audio recording, external
microphone support was also a
must have for my video cam.
Relay recording capability was
also on my list but it was not a
During the course of my research I chanced upon the Panasonic Ag-af100 video
camera, it almost fit my needs and my budget perfectly. At the same time, the
Panasonic AG-AF100 has an interchangeable lens mount. This feature makes my
Panasonic Ag-Af100 video camera very versatile.
Also, Panasonic Ag-Af100 video cameras have 20 different frame rates which make
it possible to take slow or fast motion videos. This product is also one of the
earliest Panasonic HD professional camcorders to come with SDXC support which
allows end users to make use of SD cards of up to 2 TB. As with other Panasonic
HD professional camcorder, the AG-AF100 has a three-year warranty which you
won't use most likely because of the impressive durability of these products.