How internet phone service works

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How Internet Phone Service - VoIP Works
Have you heard of Internet phone service / VoIP? Perhaps you have used this modern technology yourself, but do you
know exactly how it works. Take a look at this overview of the process in order to understand just why this system of
calling is so popular and so cheap.
Technical Aspects
Technically speaking, VoIP takes your voice and converts the sound into a digital signal that can be carried across the
internet - and thus around the globe. Additionally, if the person on the other end is using a regular telephone, another
conversion is made in order for them to understand the sound as regular conversation.
Equipment Needed for Internet Phone Service / VoIP
VoIP calls are accomplished with the help of certain software and hardware. If you are communicating strictly with a
computer, then only software is required. If you are using a regular telephone, then you must also have an adapter to
connect it to the internet. Either way, incoming phone calls utilise a ringing sound to provide an alert for an incoming
Of course, in order for the digital signal to travel across the internet, a connection is required. It must be high speed,
such as a broadband connection via a cable or DSL modem. Wireless VoIP communication is also possible via internet
access points in hot spots such as airports, libraries, municipalities, etc.
For use with a computer, VoIP will require a microphone and speakers in order to speak and hear the sound. Some
consumers who use this service with their PC prefer to connect a headset in order to ease the communication process
and keep the other side of their conversation private.
With a regular telephone set, users can dial just as they would normally, however some companies require that a
specific access number be dialled first. Check with the individual service provider to determine the exact procedure.
Save Money
Many times Internet phone service / VoIP is offered at a deeply discounted rate along with the features most consumers
have come to expect from cell phone service providers. These include free long distance calls, call waiting, call
forwarding, etc. Because you are only utilising your broadband internet connection, there are no additional fees for
setup and other monthly services, making it quite cheap.
There are many benefits when using Internet phone service / VoIP for your personal and/or business needs. Perhaps the
biggest advantage comes from the cost savings. Check out the options available to you in order to start using this
modern technology and start saving money on your telephone bill right away. Article Source: