How Long is Too Long for HDMI will it Affect Performance?

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How Long is Too Long for HDMI will it
Affect Performance?
Home entertainment will never be the same again since HDMI (High-
Definition Multimedia Interface) surfaced. It was admired and received
a lot of compliments and sure enough that HDMI definitely deserves to
be acclaimed.
With the advantages of HDMI one of these is its capability to provide
higher resolutions (such as 1080p), high contrast details and superior
sound. HDMI offers great things in just one cable. The compliments for
HDMI are well-deserved for it offers outstanding images and sounds.
No matter how great a technology is there are still some limitations.
HDMI may have been showered with compliments and acclaims but there
are also some drawbacks. HDMI cable can be limited to its length. The
longer you extend your HDMI cable the greater the chance of
experiencing problems in signal transmission.
Currently, the maximum length for HDMI cable is up to 50 feet. This is
quite long and with it you can already operate with HDMI devices with
a 1.5m HDMI cable. If in case you need to opt for a longer cable you
should know that there is a chance of signal loss or reduced picture
quality also pick a cable with a lot of copper in it such as a 24 AWG
Cost Effectiveness
The quality of signal delivered by the HDMI cable is not dependent on
the price of the cable. However, the length of the HDMI cable can
dictate otherwise. A common HDMI cable offers the same quality even
with shorter lengths but if you want to extend and have longer cable
which is more than 50 feet then you may encounter some transmission
With longer generic cables you can experience a discontentment and a
reduction in quality such as picture distortion or sometimes no
picture display at all. On the other hand, costly cables have thicker
wires that can reduce transmission problems and this is the reason
that makes the HDMI cable costly.
Device Enhancements
If you have a generic HDMI cable longer than 50 feet / 15 meters and
having a tight budget then you can have these devices as your
alternatives. It is best to know how to solve the possible problems
when they arise especially with your expanded cable length.
Signal Boosters - The signal strength of HDMI cable diminishes as
they are run at very long lengths this device will help you
stabilize the HDMI signal. Some longer cables already have built-
in boosters so you don't have to purchase them individually.

Signal Restorers - In times where signal is weaken you will need
a signal restorer. This device is responsible of re-synchronizing
incoming signals back to its original HDMI specification. You can
just place the device at the end of the cable and your HDMI
signal is properly restored.

Signal Equalizers - This device is also called signal enhancers,
this device is capable of eliminating unwanted noise interference
without changing other features of HDMI such as color. This
device is also capable of increasing signal strength.

Signal Extenders - This device is responsible for making sure
that it provides a strong HDMI signals even during long runs.
This device is also alike with a signal equalizer.
HDMI cables does not normally give an efficient performance with
lengths that extend greater than 50 feet / 15 meters , however, you
can still use it along with HDMI accessories. The accessories
mentioned above can assist you when using your HDMI cable. It can
strip you off of the worries that generic HDMI cables may bring. In
this way you can experience a one of a kind home entertainment that
you will fully enjoy.