How Master Cleanse Can Help You Fight Obesity

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How Master Cleanse Can Help
You Fight Obesity

When I was 10, I can say that I was not
really morbidly obese, but I was larger than
most kids were. Recall how kids can be
really annoying with sensless jokes as long
as they are about making fun of other
people. I was the unfortunate one because
most of the jokes were fat boy jokes
intended for me.
In front of everyone, I was just playing it
cool and making it seem that it was ok. I
was 10 back then and instead of fighting
back, I just smiled and laughed with everybody else
as if I was made of stone not feeling a singly hurt. But deep inside, I was hurt, I was crying.
At the early cage of 10, I didn't have any fight reaction, only running away from fights. My confidence
started dropping. Everybody's jokes were all damaging my self-esteem. So I never worked on my social
life and started becoming a home body with my console games and PC. As part of my defense
mechanism, I turned to the wonders of delicious food. I was in denial that I had extra weight, was
gaining weight and was gaining it at a fast rate. So my diet came into a downward spiral.
Food has this capacity to make us feel better. A surge of endorphins and serotonins are released by the
body as we digest happy food and these hormones are responsible for making us feel good. Food such
as ice cream, pasta, bread, chocolates, cream pies and peanut butter all has to capacity to make us feel
jolly. During my semi-depressed middle school years, all I had to do was eat and wait until the
endorphins kicked in. I started eating and eating to get the satisfaction I never felt. My sadness pushed
me to eating and find comfort in happy foods. I was caught in what was called emotional eating.
I had no control over the pounds that were piling up. Bingeing was no just an escape route for me, it
became my life. It was no longer emotional eating but it became compulsive eating. Dieting didn't work
for me, it just made my life hell. Every year I lost weight, but after a couple of months, I regained more. I
tried weight loss pills as well, but I didn't want to do that for a long time.
By far, the most effective weight loss program for
me is the master cleanse method. It focuses more
on detoxification of harmful chemicals. The master
cleanse method has a lot of fruit recipes to help us