How to avoid foreclosure scams

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How to Avoid

While there any many decent mortgage
consultants out there, it is an unpleasant fact

of life that crooks often prey on the week. If Work Directly With the Lender...2

you are having difficulty affording mortgage Never Pay Money Up Front....…...2
payments – and perhaps getting a little
Never Pay to Third Parties…….…..2
desperate – this is a time to be particularly
Look For a Government-Housing
vigilant too. If it sounds too good to be true,
then it most likely is.

Work Directly With Your Lender
Banks are keen to talk with their mortgage customers these

days, especially because the law says that they must. In most
cases, an intermediary adds little value and you could even
waste your money. That said, if your situation is over-

complicated, you might benefit from professional advice.

Never Pay Money Up Front

When people ask for payment without providing a written
contract and without providing the services that they promise,
then they are breaking the law. In other words, without a
mortgage modification or new loan that you can afford, you

owe them nothing.

Never Pay Mortgage Installments to Third

What’s does that mean?
For more terms and definitions,
check out’s
Only ever pay your lender direct, even if an adviser promises to
glossary page:
pass it on. What benefit could there possibly be, except for
slowing things down, or lining others pockets.

Speak To a Government-Housing Counselor

if in Doubt

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They must be able to provide proof of identity and
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registration. Be especially careful with any documents you
If it’s not a deal, we won’t list it here!
are asked to sign. Be especially alert for cowboy scams that

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require you to sign over your home.

There are some cruel crooks out there waiting to snare the

gullible and rob them of their homes. Read everything you

are asked to sign, and if any doubt, ask third party advice

first. If you suspect that you have been swindled, do not

delay. Get in touch with the Attorney General’s Public

Inquiry Unit right away.