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How To Avoid Jet Lag
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Current info about how to avoid jet lag is not always the easiest thing to
locate Fortunately, this report includes the latest how to avoid jet lag info
available It's really a good idea to probe a little deeper into the subject of
how to avoid jet lag What you learn may give you the confidence you
need to venture into new areas To truly understand jetlag and how to
avoid jetlag, you need to understand what is does to your body

Let's start with an in depth understanding of how your body functions on
a day to day basis You body currently operates on what is called a
"circadian rhythm," which is more commonly known as your "biological
clock " These rhythms are developed overtime as your body become
accustomed to a regular pattern of wake and sleep cycles These
rhythms are normally synched with your local time zone so that you feel
hungry in the mornings and sleepy in the evenings In addition to
controlling when you sleep and wake, these rhythms also affect your
hunger, digestion, bowl habits, urine production, temperature and blood

As you can see, these rhythms are essential in maintaining optimal
health Now, let's take it a step further and discuss what air travel can do
to these natural rhythms As you know, the world is divided into 24 time
zones, 11 hour for every 15 degrees traveled in either direction from the
prime meridian So, the more you travel in either direction from your local
time zone, the more your rhythms will be out sync The body's circadian
rhythm actually operates on a 25 hour cycle, which is why it is easy to
stay up an hour late, but harder to go to bed an hour earlier

This results in a more severe Jet Lag effect when traveling west to east
Therefore your body's timekeeping center, the hypothalamus, will trigger
activities that the rest of your body is not ready for in your current time
zone; aka jet lag For the most part, the affects of jet lag are most
noticeable when traveling across 3 or more time zones; however some
travelers may experience the same symptoms from traveling just one or
two Some of the common symptoms of jet lag include but are not limited
to: As mentioned previously, one of the common affect of high altitude
sickness is sleep disturbance Pair this with the increased potential for
illness from the reduced cleaning and you reduce game lag have a
statistically increased your potential to arriving at your destination jet

So now that you know what causes the symptoms of jet lag in your
body, let's discuss how you can hedge against it To begin you should
know that as a general rule of thumb your body will take about a day to
adjust for every time zone crossed in travel With this in mind, prior to any
long distance traveling, you should maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of
rest and exercise as frequently as possible This will enable your body to
cope better after you arrive at your destination Another option for
travelers is to begin to regulate your sleep cycles to the time table of your
destination so your body begins the adjustment sooner rather than later

Setting the alarm a little earlier each morning can be combined with the
use of over-the-counter supplements to induce and relax the body to fall
asleep earlier It is also recommend that you avoid alcohol and caffeine
before and during travel and the first initial day in your destination
location to reduce the amount of time your body takes to acclimate
Proper hydration will also reduce the possibility of experiencing
symptoms In addition to the precautions listed above a dietary
supplement that includes melatonin can aid in your adjustment and
enjoyment while traveling This information is provided by Travelers

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This article's coverage of the information is as complete as it can be
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research could uncover new facts

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