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How To Be A Better Husband: 10 Marriage-Changing Tips
How To Be A Better Husband
What do women really want their husbands to know? It’s not as complicated as it seems! Have
you noticed that all women seem to get other women? They understand that there are certain
things a man can do to make him a great husband and certain things he can do to make him an
alright or horrible husband. But because men and women tend to have different ways of
expressing love and relating, it can all seem complicated to a man who doesn’t get what women
The trick is to put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and see love from her angle, not yours. When
you are too focused on how YOU want to receive love and feel appreciated, you can’t make the
distinction that she wants to receive love and feel appreciated in different ways. It doesn’t make
your way or her way any more right or better, it just makes it different.
So, understanding the differences is crucial. Do you want to really learn how to be a better
husband? Following are 10 tips that will change your marriage for the better.
1. Pay Attention
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Your wife wants to be heard. She wants you to really understand why she is saying what she is
saying, and if you can’t, to at least try to understand what she is saying.
A lot of men make jokes that women talk too much. Do you ever wonder why? It’s because
women talk to sort through things in their mind. They don’t hold it all in. They can’t. They need to
express how they feel in order to feel better and they want you to sympathize with them as they
do. That way they can feel a sense of support from the man who matters most to them.
If you ever watch a woman talking to a woman, you will see her listening, paying attention to the
words, understanding what she is saying, and sympathizing with her. If you can do that, you can
become a rock star in your wife’s world.
2. Learn To Read Body Language (Or Ask Her To Be Clearer)
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Women are very empathetic and can catch hints through body language much better than men
can, but that doesn’t stop them from expecting their husband’s to catch their hints. They will say
they are fine, but give a slightly sad look or act in a mad manner, which clearly states that they are
not fine.
So you have two options. Either learn to read her body language and catch on to what she really
means, or ask her to be clearer. Tell her that you just can’t decipher what she is trying to say to
you, but you want to, and the only way you can really know is if she is open and honest with you
and doesn’t try to make you guess.
That kind of direct honesty should be enough to help her feel better about your inability to read
her cues. And, even though it makes her very uncomfortable, she will start to be more direct with
you so that you can understand what she is really feeling.
However, you are going to have to let her be open and honest with you from that point forward or
she will revert back to her natural tendency. Don’t make it seem like you don’t really care. Don’t
put her off until you are done watching the game. Make sure you listen to her when she needs you
to listen.
3. Don’t Reject Her Feelings – Ever
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Have you ever told a woman that she was overreacting or that she was being silly? If you have, you
pissed her off and hurt her feelings. I guarantee it.
Her feelings are real and valid, just like yours are. She expresses her feelings to you because you
are someone she feels safe with. She can’t express all of her real emotions with her coworkers,
mother, or even friend. You are the one person she’s allowed to be completely and totally open
with until you make her feel bad for opening up to you.
Telling her that she is being stupid or silly is detrimental to your relationship. In her mind, you are
telling her that she doesn’t know how to handle her emotions and she should just suck it up
because you don’t care.
And, when you do that, she doesn’t just get rid of her natural tendency to be emotional, instead,
she will close herself off around you so that she doesn’t have to be put down again, and then she
will start to feel disconnected from you. That’s your ticket to divorce down the line. If your wife
doesn’t feel connected to you, then she will start to gravitate away from you.
4. Remember Things That Are Important To Her
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As a man, it is not your ‘right’ to forget things. You have a brain, and even though her memory
may be more focused on things like birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations than yours is,
that doesn’t mean that you can’t add events to your calendar or notifications. There are ways to
remember what is important to her!
Moreover, writing down things that she finds meaningful can help you surprise her with
meaningful things. For instance, if she talks about how much she loves a certain type of food, you
can write that down on your personal calendar and use it to make her a nice surprise supper in the