How to Choose the Right Kentucky Health Insurance Plan

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How to Choose the Right Kentucky Health Insurance Plan
Leading Kentucky health insurance companies offer various types of plans for individuals and families.
Choosing the right Kentucky health insurance plan can therefore be something of a challenge. Professional
guidance is there to assist you.

Kentucky health insurance companies in the individual market
are authorized to sell different types of policies and do not have
to standardize them. So choosing the right health insurance
plan can be something of a challenge. The most
important thing is to prioritize, understand your options and
settle for a quality plan.
Kentucky Health Insurance Plans from Leading Providers
Leading Kentucky health insurance companies such as
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant and HumanaOne
offer several types of health insurance Kentucky plans for
individuals and families.
* Anthem provides three choices: Lumenos, Premier Plus and
SmartSense. Lumenos features traditional healthcare coverage
that can be combined with a Health Savings Account (HSA). This plan offers no maternity benefits but
includes dental, life insurance, and extended mental health benefits. Premier Plus has a higher premium and
therefore offers the a high level of benefits such as unlimited doctors' office visits, with predictable
copayment before the deductible, choice of prescription drug coverage and preventive care benefits. You
can add on maternity benefits too at an additional cost. The SmartSense Plus plan is an affordable option
with streamlined benefits and choices, and customizable options, but no maternity benefits.
* Assurant offers two Kentucky individual health insurance plans: CoreMed and OneDeductible.
CoreMed offers a wide array of benefit options, including coverage for the unexpected, and you can control
premiums by adjusting benefits. With OneDeductible, you have a common deductible for all family
members. You have the option to get tax advantages with a HSA and even reduce the deductible amount
you pay. Supplemental products that can be added on include dental, accident, and term life insurance
* Humana allows Kentucky residents to select a Copay plan, a 100% After Deductible plan, a HSA-
qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), or a Kentucky Short Term health insurance plan.
Choose the Copay plan if you have more predictable doctor's office visits. The 100% After Deductible plan
may be a good fit for you if you want to know your deductible amount. Once you meet the deductible, the
plan pays the full amount for most covered in-network services. The HSA-HDHP has a low premium and
saves tax dollars to pay for your deductible and other qualified medical expenses. The Short Term Medical
plan is ideal if you need coverage immediately and for less than a year.
How to Decide Which Health Plan is Right for You
Most of the Kentucky health insurance plans outlined above are comprehensive, flexible and can be
customized to suit your needs. In other words, you can choose your deductible, lower premiums, use your
health savings account the way you choose, and add on many supplemental options like dental and vision
care. The tricky part is choosing the right plan. Some questions you could ask yourself are:

* Does the plan have the doctors and hospitals I want or need?
* Does it provide the benefits I need?
* Does it provide the services where and when I need them?
* Does it meet my budget?
Making the right decision is always easier with the right advice. So contact an experienced Kentucky
health insurance
broker before you take the plunge.
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