How to configure DNS for Cisco Routers and Switches

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How to configure DNS for Cisco
Routers and Switches

Domain Name System (DNS) is a type of
service that translates names into IP addresses
for computers, services, or any resource
connected to the Internet or a private network.
This allows us to successfully find and connect
to Internet websites and services no matter
where they are. In many cases, where a local
DNS server is not available, we are forced to
either use our ISP's DNS servers or some
public DNS server, however, this can
sometimes prove troublesome.

In the Cisco world, you have the ability to configure multiple
DNS Servers on a Cisco device running the Cisco Internetwork
Operating System (Cisco IOS) to ease network management.
Following the guide to configure a DNS server on a Cisco
Router and/or Switch.

Switch > en

Switch #conf t

Switch (config)#no ip domain look

Switch (config)#user cisco pr 15 pass ccie

Switch (config)#ho SW1

SW1(config)#line con 0

SW1(config-line)#exec-tim 0 0

SW1(config-line)#logg syn


SW1(config)#line vty 0 4

SW1(config-line)#logg syn

SW1(config-line)#login loc

SW1(config-line)#exec-tim 30 0


SW1(config)#interface vlan 1

SW1(config-if)#ip address

SW1(config-if)#no shu


SW1(config)#ip name-server

SW1(config)#ip name-server



This example can be applied to all
Cisco switches, such as catalyst 3750
series switch, Cisco 3650 switch, Cisco
3850 switch, catalyst 6500 series switch
etc, all Cisco routers, like Cisco 1900,
Cisco 2900 series routers, Cisco 3900
routers, Cisco 1800, Cisco 2800 and
Cisco 3800 etc.

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