How to Cope With a Small Office

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How to Cope With a Small Office
Your business may have just started up properly and therefore you might not be able to afford the huge,
open plan office spaces that the wealthier and more experience companies can afford. So you might
have to put up with a smaller environment for now, so what? All that matters is that your business has a
place to run and employees/clients have a place to work/visit. However, just because your office is small
doesn't mean you shouldn't make the most of the space you have been provided with. Follow these tips
to improving your Office Design and Space Planning

1) Don't buy huge desks
Buying big desks might seem like a good idea because the employees will like them, but they won't like
the lack of space in the office that is left when you set the new desks up. When the business uses mainly
computer documents and spread-sheets, you won't need much more than a small desk space for
paperwork and a set of drawers to keep things organised for each person.

2) Keep the office tidy
Your office will start to look cluttered very quickly if it's a small space with a lot of paperwork/scrap
paper etc. Make sure you provide recycling bins for waste paper and dustbins for food wrappings/old
food/other waste. Not only will you be keeping your office clean but you'll also be helping the

3) Spread employees as far apart as possible

If your employees are all cramped together the office will look smaller and they will also be more
inclined to be distracted by each other. Try to separate staff so that the office looks more spaced out. Fill
the spaces in between with office essentials like water coolers, filing cabinets, printers etc.

Visit a specialist company for more ideas on Office Design and Space Planning