How to Curl Hair with Straighteners

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How to Curl Hair with Straighteners:

Many of us like to have our hair in a curly or wavy fashion but are at
a loss of how to get this look. If you are in possession of only a mid-
size flat iron, then don't be sad as this is just the right tool for you to
achieve that fabulous look. All you require is a little practice and in
time, you will be able to work more quickly when you curl your own
tresses with your hair straightener instead of using the rollers. You
will also soon realize that you do not even need a curling iron but a
flat iron is just enough not only to straighten your tresses but also to
add body, waves or curls to your hair. The below steps have been
put together to help all amateurs in their attempt to curl their loving

Firstly, you can put on your hair straightener and can allow it to heat up.
Make sure that your hair is free from tangles and you can comb it properly as snarls will certainly affect the
quality of the curls you would like to create. You should certainly spray your hair with a thermal styling
protectant so as to shield it from the heat of the hair straightener. Hair ends are extremely vulnerable so it is
necessary that you coat it with the styling product so that you can minimize breaking and splitting to a great
Next, you need to separate a fine section of your hair which should be about a quarter inch in thickness and
this should not be wider than the hair straightener. You should clamp down closer to the root or from the part
where you would like your section of the hair to curl from. Now, you need to twist your hair towards your head
and then you can hold onto this position so that you can slide the hair straightener to the lock of hair. You need
to make an inward twisting motion when you move towards the end of the hair so that the curl is defined and
thus no odd straight pieces poke out. You will slowly realize that the more slower you slide the straightener
down your hair shaft, the more tighter the curls turn out to be and in case you would like to go in for looser
waves, then you can slide the flat iron a little more quickly down to the section of the hair.
To complete the look, you can repeat the above step for your entire hair. Once you are done with the entire
hair, you can use your fingers for styling and make sure, you do not use a comb or brush as they will certainly
destroy your curls. You can complete the look by misting your hair with hair spray which will help you to retain
the curls throughout the day.