How To Deal With Hair Transplant Scars

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How To Deal With Hair Transplant Scars

Loss of hairs is a problem that
many people experience and
do not have any means of
stopping . This can leave one
with very big bald head at an
early age in life. It is therefore
important to find a way of
refilling the areas where one
has lost the hairs. The most
preferred method by many is
usually the transplantation
from one person to another or
from one body part to the
other. However, this method is also associated with hair transplant scars that most people consider unwanted and are
always looking for ways to get rid of.

Getting rid of such a scar is however not always a big problem. This is because there are usually several methods that tend
to eliminate them. Some of these methods are long term while others are just short term. The method one uses will greatly
depend on the amount of money they are willing to spend and their taste and preference.

Growing long hairs and use of concealers are however still the cheapest and easiest hair loss treatments for men. These do
not however work for everybody. This is because some people generally hate lots of hairs. Such people are always looking
for alternative methods that they can use.

The other method which is also cost effective is the application of concealers. This covers the affected area for sometime.
This will mean that the patient applies the concealer each and every day. In some situations, they may even have to apply
the concealer more than once in a day. This will however depend on the quality of the concealer used. The color of the
concealer must be close to that of the hairs as much as possible.

Those who are not willing to apply the concealer on a daily basis can always opt for tattooing to remove hair transplant
scars. This is the process where one draws a tattoo in the area with the scar. The tattoo will always cover the scar and only
those who are very keen can always notice them. To achieve the same color of tattoo as that of the hairs around the area,
one may have to use different pigments and even different sized needles.

Tattoo and use of concealer are however only temporary methods and may not always provide long term solution to the
problem. Those in search of long term solution may therefore opt for various surgeries. The first type involves pulling scalp
to cover the affected area. Even though this is usually very painful, it provides long term solution to the problem than the
other two methods.

The only problem of this method is that it is very expensive. This means that those who are not financially well off may not
be able to afford it. Another shortcoming of this method is inadequate qualified doctors to perform it.

Another method used to repair hair transplant scars is the transfer of hairs from one body part to another. For instance,
one can always choose transfer from the beards to the head. This is however only suitable for people with hairs inn the
beard to spare.