How to file a car insurance claim after a car accident

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How to file a car insurance claim after a car
This is a simple guide on how to file car
insurance claim after you have a car
accident. Guide was written by Family
Solicitors in Essex
There are a lot of drivers on the road. Some of them are aware of the other drivers on
the road and try to drive safely at all times, some of them do not. There are some
individuals who drive recklessly, or inexperienced drivers. These individuals often
practice driving techniques that may not be safe for those around them. They partake
in texting while driving, excessive speeding, or distracted driving in general. All of
these things can lead to a car accident which may involve others in the road. Do you
know what to do after an accident has occurred? Not only do you have to call the
police and report the incident, you also have to call the insurance company, at fault
driver and make a claim. This article will focus on how to file a car insurance claim
after a car accident.
How to file a claim:
Directly after an incident has occurred, you must take down the information of the
other driver, to include their insurance information. You may call the insurance
company to report the claim at the scene of the incident if you so choose. After you
have notified the insurance company of the accident, you can take your car to a
qualified auto body shop where they will determine the damages done your vehicle.
At this point they will determine if your car can be repaired, or if it will be considered
a total loss. They will notify the person at faults insurance carrier of the results of their
During this time the insurance company may investigate the accident to determine
fault as well as determine the payout for damages sustained to your vehicle, and/or to
you as a result of the incident. The insurance company must call you within 21 days
of reporting the incident, to get in contact with you about your claim. When you
contact the company you need to give the company information regarding the amount
of damages you sustained, if the auto body shop does not provide that information for
you, and a copy of the accident report if applicable. A repair estimate will be needed
as well.
If your car is considered a total loss, you may be able to keep it anyway. In some
states the car has to be at least nine years old before the insurance company will let
you maintain ownership of the vehicle. The insurance company may also be required
to reimburse you for rental car services. Note that they may offer you a dollar amount
limit per day for renting a car, and the rental period may vary based on how long
repairs will take.
Why is filing a claim important?
When you are making an insurance claim after a car accident, you are reporting
damages done to your vehicle. This is important to you if you want the damages to be
fixed on your car without the money coming out of your own pocket. If you are not at
fault then you can either report the claim to your insurance carrier or the at fault
parties insurance agency. If a licence is lost behind the incident you can always apply
for provisional driving licence online.