How To Find A Reputable Auto Glass Repair Shop In Your Locale

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How To Find A Reputable Auto Glass Repair Shop In Your Locale

Most people know that when you can get a crack or chip in your car's windshield, that you need to get
it repaired fast to keep that crack from getting bigger and costing more to repair or worse force you
into getting your windshield replaced. However, if you have never had to have a windshield repaired
before, then you may not how to find a reputable auto glass repair shop in your locale in a hurry such
as an Austin auto glass repair company with good reviews. Here are a few tips that just might help.

Call Your Insurance Company

In many cases car insurance companies waive the deductibles and willing to pay to have your car
windshield repaired because doing so saves them thousands of dollars a year. And since, there are
so many insurance claims filed for windshield repair your insurance company just might have a
reputable company on speed dial that they can recommend to you. The good thing about getting a
recommendation for an auto glass repair shop from your insurance company is that they are not
going to recommend a company that does shoddy workmanship or charges excessive fees because
they are footing the bill and their reputation is on the line.

Try The Phone Book Then Check Online

If your insurance company is hesitant about recommending a specific company then go ahead and
get the names and addresses of a couple of auto glass repair companies from the phone book. Once
you have the names then do a bit of checking up on the company online. See if the BBB has any
complaints on file about each company and if so find out what the complaint was about and how it
was resolved. You also want to check and see how long the company has been in business at it's
current site because the longer a company has been in business the better the chance is that their
work and their prices meet the approval of their customers.

Once you have selected an auto glass repair shop then call them up, tell then what you need and ask
them to explain how they go about repairing a windshield. Most windshields are repaired by drilling
small holes near the damage and then filling the nick or crack with a resin and placing it under special
lights to harden the resin and strengthen the crack or chip so no further damage can occur. In most
cases, once the resin hardens, it will be difficult to see where the crack or chip once was. Take a
minute if you are local to Austin, and check out as they work hard to differentiate
themselves with the highest quality repair at the lowest cost.

If the company tells you that this is how they will go about repairing your windshield and quotes you a
fair price then you know you have a good, reliable auto glass repair shop.