How To Find Balance Between Work And Family

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How To Find Balance
Between Work And Family

Prioritize One Aspect At A Time
Do not tend try to find a 50-50 balance in your life. Doing
so will tend to put a burden on you that you might not be
able to handle.
Prioritize each aspect as it is required. As such sometimes
work may take up most of your precious time but at other
times try to spend time with your family.

Do Not Give Up Your Ambition
Giving up your ambition is out of the question. You need to
go as further and as higher as possible. If you don't you
will be left to repent the decision later in your life.
Instead, let your family taste the success you have and let
them be a part of whatever you are.

Separate Work And Family
Agreed, work provides you your monthly paycheck. But
involving work during family time is a strict no-no.
Receiving phone calls, text messages, emails etc during
dinner or when watching TV with family must at all costs
be avoided. This might create problems later on if not
nipped in the bud.

Spend Time With Your Kids
It is important that whatever time you get from your day,
spend a part of it with your kids.
Its not the amount of time that matters. It should be quality
time. Remember kids will always give return love.

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