How To Fix My Credit Mistakes

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How To Fix My Credit Mistakes
It has happened to almost everyone. You let a bill slip and forget to pay it and
months go by with no recollection of the past due amount. Then all of a sudden you
receive a collection notice in the mail from a debt collector. Some may be a very
simple warning reminding you to pay the past due amount and some may be more
aggressive and threaten legal action. If the account happens to be places on the
credit report it leaves many scrambling searching for how to fix my credit mistake
Now, collection agencies are required to provide a written notice and give you 30
days to respond if you wish to request validation of the debt they claim belongs to
you. Many do not operate in a compliant manner and just throw the accounts on
credit reports with no prior warning. If this is the case do not pay them, as they are
in violation of the FDCPA and you should seek help in order to deal with them
properly. If you pay them they will simply update the account on your credit report
as paid and it will still be a derogatory mark, lowering your credit score.
Some may be in a different situation where they were forced to go into bankruptcy
and have a complete financial mess on their credit reports. There are so many
different situation and scenarios when it comes to possible negative affects and
causes of bad credit. Regardless of how minor or major your particular situation
may be, it is important to know that there is a professional solution available.
Whether you are suffering from one bad mark on your credit resulting in a slight
loss in score, or a crushed credit report in the 500's, Credit Restore USA is your
source for the best credit repair service available. Regardless of how severe the
damage is the process is still the same to get started. Within just a few minutes and a
few clicks of the mouse, you can have experienced professionals working on
restoring and improving your credit.
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Credit Restore USA. With no long term contracts and a service that is month to
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